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Where to Buy Rap Beats, Hip Hop Beats & Instrumentals

Buy the best rap beats, hip hop beats, and instrumentals to save money recording your next track. We browsed the web for the best sites to purchase rap beats and instrumentals for music production.

There are many great websites that sell instrumentals to rappers, video editors, and content creators. But we managed to select a few that we believe have the best rap and hip-hop beats available for sale at great prices.

This list is in no particular order and the sites mentioned in this post do not sponsor our website in any way. Without further ado, here are the top sites we recommend you buy rap beats and instrumentals for your rap music.

Beatstars claims to be the world's number one marketplace for buying and selling beats. Beatstars was established to bring about music collaboration between songwriters and song composers. The website is available to artists and music producers all around the world. is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell beats from any country. The music platform helps push musicians by offering them the latest technology & the community to grow and monetize their craft.

Ones beats is a website that sells hip-hop and rap beats. You can visit the website, Browse and Listen to the beats in the catalog, select your beat and purchase it. The site also allows you to download free beats with commercial rights to use.

Fiverr is a digital marketplace for buying and selling digital services. You can purchase quality rap beats and other Hip hop instrumentals from music producers on this platform at extremely low prices.


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