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About Us

UPN6XT media is an organization that helps promote artist and their music on social media, clubs, mixtapes, and live performances. We are here to bring artists into the limelight using different online and offline platforms with proven results. This will assist them in entering the music industry as they become a star. UPN6XT has helped various artists, musicians, and many others to promote their music through the artist development program. Djems Nesmon founded the organization in 2015. He has a major in social service and has always been passionate about bringing artists through the UPN6XT artist development program. Upn6xt started as a result of the founder identifying the need to promote young and upcoming artists so that they can have a shot at the big stages. What drive him are his vision, work ethic, and love for art that makes him establish the institution.

In today’s environment, it is easier than ever to have your music heard online, but harder than ever to get noticed. We offer the guidance and support of knowledgeable industry veterans, well versed in artist development, production, promotion, and marketing. We offer broad distribution channels available with the abundance of services afforded to them through distribution aggregates.

We maintain a consistent level of respect and attention to detail with our artists. We understand the creative process and realize successes aren’t achieved overnight. We guide our artists, but we also listen! In some cases, we are actively involved in music publishing and help to maximize income through the placement of songs in all aspects of media and advertising.

We pride ourselves on maintaining close, cohesive relationships with industry executives and our artists. It is our goal to not only develop artists but to develop nurture, mutually rewarding relationships that are long term".

Our marketing services will also be top-notch as we engage every marketing strategy to promote the works of our company.


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