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Warming up with Jay Matthews

Fusing effortless flows to smooth beats, Jay Matthews is an emerging hip-hop artist from the US who is currently making his mark on the global music game. Influenced by the likes of J Cole and Lil Wayne, his sound blurs the line between potent lyricism and hard-hitting hooks. The perfect combination of timeless innovation and classic, raw rap bars.

The emerging rapper has been bringing his ferocious flowers to listeners worldwide for some time now. His songs are all about who he is as a person. Opting to rap directly from the heart and tell raw, vivid stories from his real life. His tight rhyme schemes and powerful, yet soft delivery provide an irresistibly infectious sound that’s impossible to ignore. His aim with music is not just fame or money. But to give back to the world by offering a fresh perspective through every track.

The rapper got into music from an early age. His life was changed forever when his friend showed him Eminem and he’s been hooked ever since. He’s always been someone that loves creative expression - however it wasn’t until he graduated high school that he decided to take rap seriously.

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