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The Vybz King

Updated: May 12, 2019

Summer is almost upon us and just in time for Kelvin Seans newest singles “Ginjah” and “Get down”. Recording music professionally since 2007,  This young artist has definitely made a name for himself in this city and internationally with his afrobeat sound. After killing the stage with an amazing performance at our Rockstar drip showcase, we sat down with Kelvin to get some insight on the creative process behind the incredible vibe he creates with his music. 

When asked about his inspiration to be an artist Sean says he has been using lyrics as a way of self expression since the age of 9. 

I started writing music at a very young age Back then there were no cell phones, internet, and technology were not as it is today. We only had TV and Radio. Luckily, we could also buy lyric books from the record store. I would buy lyric books and sing along to my favourite songs while actually using the proper lyrics. Michael Jackson was one of my favourites at the time. I would write my own songs and sing them out loud. I would also write raps and performed them. I expressed myself with writing music. 

If you could compare your sound to three artists, who would they be? 

Well honestly, I wouldn’t say my sound is comparable to anyone else, because, it is’nt. However; there are a few artists out there who perform in the same genre like Burna Boy, Mr Eazi and Wande Coal. 

You recently dropped some new music for us to vibe to this summer, How would you describe your latest releases?

I recently dropped 2 new songs “Get Down” and “Ginjah”. Both songs are energetic and keep you on your dancing toes. You can find them on spotify, apple music and other digital platforms, watch out for the official videos coming soon. 

What would you say has been your best show so far, and why? 

My best so far, was in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. It was an amazing show. The crowd was amazing and they really loved and appreciated the songs I was performing. The energy was incredible and they definitely enjoyed the Vybz. I’ve performed and various other shows and events; however, that one stands out in my memory.

What can we expect from Kelvin Sean in 2019?

More amazing music, more shows, more events, more collaborations, more vybz, more videos, more greatness. 2019 is a great year already. More of everything great

Make sure to go and stream the Vybz King new singles “Ginjah” and “Get down” on Spotify and Apple Music now! 


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