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Lil Stevie Lush Shares his Journey, Raw and Authentic, Reflecting the Streets that Shaped Him

In the heart of the rap scene, we find an artist whose journey is as raw and authentic as his lyrics.

This interview delves into the world of Lil Stevie Lush, an emerging talent whose passion for music was sparked in the most unexpected circumstances.

From early influences resonating through the streets to facing adversity and finding solace in creativity, Lil Stevie Lush shares his unique approach to crafting verses. Join us as we unravel the layers of his artistry, discussing collaborations, the evolving music industry, and his vision for the future.

Get ready to delve into the narrative behind the mic with Lil Stevie Lush, an embodiment of realness in the rap game.

How did your journey into rap music begin, and what inspired you to pursue a career in this genre?

A- As a kid i played around with recording lil songs here and there and even sometimes as a teen but never nothing i took serious then about 2 1/2 years ago i was placed on something like judicial quarantine so being stuck in the house with everything i had been going through and dealing with I started recording songs about each situation letting loose and letting go of everythang i had bottled up inside of me

Can you share some of your major musical influences and how they have shaped your unique style as a rapper?

A- When i was real young like 8-9 y.o. i listened to nothing but Pac real tuff as i got older just like everybody else where im from it was all no limit , cash money , then it was jeezy, gucci, gotti, webbie, boosie, future etc. Shouts out to jack harlow and est gee for putting the ville on the map.

What is your creative process like when it comes to writing lyrics and developing the beats for your songs?

A- I dont write much anymore foreal, i usually just punch in and record as i go. I own 100's of beats i have bought over the last couple years , I just get my mind rite while im finding a beat to match how im feeling and let it flow.

Can you highlight a particular song or project that holds special meaning to you and explain the story behind it?

A- My first music project "The State -vs- Lil Stevie" i was going through a lot of hard times, I was losing my closest friends and family members back to back.

I was fighting for my own life and freedom in more ways then one. I had just been set up in an attempt to take my life so i was dealing with alot of trust issues, paranoia, ptsd etc. Even in my condition trying to learn how to walk again and all i was still getting harassed by the police everyday getting pulled over and searched.

They then got a bogues warrant and raided my house and booked me in on dealing and felon with firearm charges. They had no controlled buys, marked money or nothing on me.

I had to pay a $15,000 full cash bond just to be released on house arrest and with everything i had been going through and being stuck in the house i had started writing and recording a song "Victim of a crooked system" after that i just kept goin with it and end up recording like 21 songs within a month or so. I was learning as i was going The songs was low quality and all but i made a bunch of hard copies and every time i was allowed to leave the house i was taking them to the lil corner stores and everywhere to sell em.

Collaboration is a significant aspect of the music industry. Can you discuss some memorable collaborations you've had and how they impacted your work?

A- I got several songs with features from some major artist and its dope to be on a track with a artist you grew up listening to and all that and just like with any feature you want to match the energy ya know

With the rise of streaming platforms, how do you think the music industry has changed, and how do you adapt to these shifts as a rapper?

A- Streaming services pay next to nothing and anybody with a phone can record & upload a song its almost impossible to get recognized , I know the need for something fresh and new is forever there but people out here doing real weirdo goofy stuff just for some views or a min of fame. If someone gets 1million views/streams thats nothing more than 1million ppl that more than likely had a credit card in there pocket but at the most just got another stream and maybe a fan or subscriber idk I feel The only money being made in the music industry is from selling merch and doing shows rate now i could be wrong .

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations within the rap industry, and how do you envision the future of your career unfolding?

A- Rate now im more focused on learning the business side of it all. I have 2 mixtapes ready to be released this year "2024". I just recently got both of my kids their own studio set up and ive been working with them on there first music project. My oldest son "baby Stevie" is 16 and my youngest son "Westen" is 14, so i plan on teaching them everything i know and letting them pick up where ever i leave off.



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