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Ounce Diamondz in The House Revealing More Details On His Upcoming Project "THOT-ZICK"

What inspired you during the creation of your upcoming project, considering the current cultural and social landscape?

The inspiration is definitely based on past events, but the initial influence of the EP is research. Friends and family not necessarily critique my music, but they usually think that it’s good, but what it has to offer tends to be stale they want to see more transparency, and other things that I offer as person in real life. I’ve decided to write about the situationship that I had in the past that kind of gave me a wake up call in reality, back then I wasn’t trustworthy in relationships, but I feel like it was because I’ve never had the things I’ve done to people done to me and that was a tough pill to swallow.

Can you give us a glimpse into the themes and messages explored in your upcoming project dropping on the 28th of December?

I guess you can say the theme of the EP is like, not putting your full trust into someone that you don’t know so much about, you know. Like I’m just meeting this person and making them my main priority, rather than focusing on myself and my bag. Where I am a strong headed/ambitious person, I became vulnerable with someone and they just did me so dirty. it kind of hurts your character. but all in all we’re still Great people and I guess the message would be don’t give a person your all if that person doesn’t know and respect the greatness you have to offer, it’s their loss Not Yours.

How do you perceive the current state of the music industry, and do you think it influenced the sound and style of your upcoming album?

I Actually Pretty happy with Where It’s At. It’s at a State where every one seems to start coming together again and Some one’s Bound to be the Next Star ! I’m Influenced by The scene due to its Way of Dropping short straight to the Point Songs and Developing Catchy Flows. This Generation is definitely Vivid and they have a lot to offer in a Short Period of their Track Times.

How do you hope your fans will connect with this album on a personal level, and what emotions or messages do you want them to take away?

Personally if You Been Through these Circumstances, I want this EP to be that Safe space that you can Just Talk your Shit with me! Cause if you relate to the the Beginning tracks The ending will definitely be appreciated as it promotes Growth and Understanding of why we go back and fourth with this BS. I’ll say a SOFT Hope on people relating to this EP only to see it perform Great, but I really wish these emotions on no one.

Get a break, listen to this masterpiece

With the album dropping soon, are there plans for live performances or virtual events to engage with your audience in a more direct way?

l’m currently trying to get info from my fans on where I should do some performances. But I’m looking Forward To 1 Show Before the Year ends (hopefully) and Doing shows in the Year to come Surrounding the EP and collars I have in the Lab.

 In what ways do you believe your music has evolved since your last project, and how does this album represent your growth as an artist?

Man I feel Like my Music Is slowly evolving into becoming More and More Lyrical and Having More Bars that can have you thinking. My music used to be Straight to the point and didn’t have many PunchLines, I’m a story teller and I feel like I Lacked on Making it A a thinking experience rather then Just telling a Story. Feels good that now my music is Turning heads when I’m playing them. And for the Bars rather then the Flow.

 Are there any notable collaborations on the album, and what unique elements do these artists bring to the project?

It’s Only Me And the Producer JPBEATZ on this EP. He puts out great work and I feel like he Creates a Comfortable space for my Flow and energy. From his sampling and RnB style beats I just love what he has to offer as a Producer for my craft, so I had to Keep this project 1on1.

 Can you shed some light on your creative process during the making of this album, from initial concepts to the final production?

This was a Very Greatly Planned Project. I wrote my story then Decided to Break it into 8 Pieces. From meeting The girl to Gloing up from the girl. This story is played out how it went in real Life. From The Constant Back and Forth, to the irony of me saying “I’m over her” then allowing her back in my life. The Common Problems of a Toxic Relationship.

What were some of the challenges you faced while working on this project, and what moments brought you a sense of accomplishment?

There were A couple Challenges during this EP. Time was Short I really had no time for it in the beginning of creating the EP, after the 3rd song was Done, I Moved back to Miami from Gainesville, this means I had to find a place to lay my head, A Job And place to finish this EP. All of which was planned out but Life Started Lifing and Getting a Job was Taking Longer then Usual, so this Made Recording Music More Accessible But Harder to get through life Financially . Once I Got a Solid Part time in desperation of getting some sort of income… A sense Of Accomplishment fell over me, I felt Like I had a Better attitude for the Release. Also it happened during The Writing of the “Uplifting” part of the EP.

The visual aspect of an album is often crucial. Could you talk about the visual elements or artwork associated with this album and how they complement the music?

As For Visual Elements I don’t want To spoil it. But I’ll say that I Got Lyric Videos coming with Some Performing Clips wether it’s an Acapella

Or following that behind the hanging Microphone trend.

"Room3" is a significant part of your brand. Could you share the story behind its name and how it reflects your artistic identity?

ROOM3 Man I can literally have a Whole interview talking about room3. What started as a business It transition to becoming a brother/sisterhood of amazing creatives. Like at one moment, everyone was a part of the ROOM3 were only good at what they introduced themselves as and now I can say anyone is a one stop shop on getting shit done. We started this family a small wall room within a business building, to accomplishing on getting another bigger space to do what we love for ourselves and the community. As For The Beginning Me and my brothers Lu and Noah opened up the studio which we would use as a network station to introduce ourselves to artist, producers, DJs, anyone in the music scene to just allow us to get to the next step of our journey. This is where we would meet the lakes of Koatie Kash our first Client , Kill The Master The Artist, Producer, Stackz made it The Producer, Karlos With a K the Actor Rapper, and Vice Versa an essential person in The Video Editing, graphic design and Producing. Beside Me and Lu 40BandKaution was whom I met on the road while being someone who would perform and throw showcase Events. I felt like it was definitely essential to have 40 Apart of what was cooking up to what is Now known as ROOM3ENT ! Now I feel like we are such an essential part of the community whereas we have everything it needs to offer in the music scene to help others and ourselves on being a Better Higher quality Music Scene.

Beyond the album release, what future projects or collaborations can your fans look forward to in the coming months?

right now my main focus is the EP and I feel like it will be the EP for a long time. Ide like to see me get into collaborating with artists and more shows I feel like in the past I will drop a project or a single post release offer lack of planning and wanting to focus on the next thing, I’ve never seen success like this. I want to take this route, making the EP my “thing” until the next EP.

A word for us and for your fanbase?

Thanks For Having Me And If Your Here For Me I Love You Thank You Guys for The Love And Support. Means A lot to Me and Don’t Forget.

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