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Stink Gawd A Worldwide Upcoming Rapper To watch - Interview

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Who are you? Back-story and childhood

I am Stink Gawd, from Queens, New York I was born with club foot At 6 months be old I had my first operation all the way up to 7 years old I will have a few more surgeries and placed in a wheelchair and cast. So when every kid went to school I was home-schooled. So I had time on my hand to learn more and more about God And my self, Self-care.

Your biggest influence in hip hop?

I always was a youth that created Music Created a Crowd to pay attention to what whatever I had to say or do. Since then I knew I just had to develop and continue to learn and one day I will be worldwide known on another level. I was listening to all types of music, not just rap. I like different so I hear all sounds and den it inspires me to create a different sounds. I am not biased bias I try not to have a favorite. I Love everyone’s sound dat creates great vibes. As a Youth & till today Jadakiss influenced me a lot. If that answers your Question. I find the talent to be amazing the fans that support the culture. And more than anything I love how it impacts the world. Because I remember when people didn’t even rock with the culture. Music would not get played. Now it's full joyed worldwide long way coming.

Your first release and what leads you to the game?

My first release was when I was 15 years old. So like 23 years ago. Music is Life I am attracted to the sounds the lyrics the process. It’s my therapy when I was going threw those stages in my childhood with my feet I was very sad , hurt , angry so the music will calm me down and take me to another world.

I think I can benefit from the game because I am coming Pure , Ready, Different , Strong , so people around the world love that. At times lol I got into rapping with my Cousin Fuego. Like I said I always was listening to music and making beats like sound on tables , drums , etc . When I seen him tapping I was like wow that means I can do it too. So he wrote my first rap. So I just wanted to know how the process goes with creating it and it was history from there. I took it and ran with it and still learning since then and still now.

What kind of emotions you try to give the person listening?

I Give Thanx to every one that ever heard my music and those who soon hear it. I create great vibes music , Uplifting music , Happy Music , I want for anyone who is listening to my music they feel it those who can relate and those who can’t but the vibes is pure and a powerful message is in it always. Inspiring music

What is your creative process like?

How I create is so simple and everyone I work with is amazed. Like wow you just went in and knocked it out and sounds like you been practicing it, and I create everything thing in the moment. So I have to be in a happy mood recording. I pray give thanx for my brain and the thoughts thats gonna appear while I am creating I roll up a Big Ziggy and I go in the booth thinking of what I went through all my life that wasn’t happy and I Exercise my thoughts on the beat… No Pen No Paper I start creating on how i feel , where I come from , where I am at. So positive Vibez with sprinkle of my experiences in life.

Where do you see yourself in the future with this career?

In the future I see us Stink Up Ent worldwide on another level. Because we worldwide now lol but we will expand to those who ain’t aware of us. And the rest will be history in the making. Signing a lot of great talent from every where in the world is one of top goals I will be giving thanx for life and I will be either working on my other companies. Currently have like 4-5 with a non profit organization as well so I would be giving back , driving Truck, having the best clothing line out so I would be in to fashion . I always stay busy so I have a lot more options to choose from.

How much have you grown as an artist?

I grew a lot as an artist over the years and still growing. I learn my sound , I learn the business and still learning as I am still growing. How I deliver I feel like I grew much better. And of course the world and those who followed my journey they remind me all the time like you getting better as you grow.

How are you different from others in this game?

How I think I am different is the way I am coming the vibe the intentions the message how we gonna attack the game no body did it or is gonna do it Everything under the Sun was Done before just in a different way. So I am gonna pull up to the game with differences redoing things that need to be redo and a lot of people is scared to say or do that us. S.T.I.N.K. UP Ent stands for Stay Together Invest Notice Knowledge it keeps Yuh UP.

We coming to aware the world and remind them thru our creative Strong Powerful Songs. To Give Thanx Daily


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