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Scotty Ex is next up in Toronto

Scotty Ex is on a mission to get his family out of the mud. He is the mastermind behind the recordings you see all over the internet. His passion about music started when he turned 17.

Scotty Ex is releasing music in the Raw Undiluted taste, for which fans have adored him for years.

His songs feature passionate lyrics with a personal touch that show off his full talent and world-class production.

He used to listen to different era's music & try to capture the beat more than the words. He has a lot of songs in que to be release. He wants to feed the people slowly. Some of his notable projects to look out for include "Big Racks," WannaBe,"' & "Haunted After Dark.”

The fact that Scotty Ex's songs are so special is that he's genuinely connected to his songs. In an interview, he said: "I feel like I'm in my lane! I'm versatile with my thoughts, style, energy, and wordplay. It's a vibe in the booth and on any beat, I step to, I try to bring that sauce every time". Some individuals may have differing views on his music, but they are not receptive. They like comparing him, whether it's his voice or his appearance. It does not, however, diminish his devotion, given how special he is.

This journey was never easy. He perceived far too many dangers by remaining in the fast lane. However, his determination & enthusiasm towards his passion earned him the name he has these days. He used to say, "Sometimes it's ok to wait at that red light till it turns green."

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