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Rich talks with us about his journey as an artist, his meaningful tattoos and More.

Rich is one of Toronto’s most talented up-and-coming hip hop artists. His independent releases are always fresh, always hype. After the traumatic murder of his brother just over two years ago, his music became even deeper, as he brought his life’s struggles into his rhymes. Fans love the way they can relate to his music so intensely.

As an affiliate of Drake’s OVO Sound label, Rich’s latest drops not only highlight his impressive skill, but also reflect the bright future that lies ahead of him in the world of hip hop. His growth as an artist is inspiring. Today, Rich talks with us about his journey as an artist, his meaningful tattoos, the people who motivate him, and the impact his late brother has had on his life.

You recently released a single, called “Not a Problem”. It kind of seems to be a statement about how far you’ve come as an artist. What else comes through from you in this song?

Rich: Yes, it's definitely a statement of my skill set and of me being able to express myself. Expect more expression of myself, the more records I drop.

Your music is now available on streaming platforms in 78 countries around the world. Should we expect an international tour in your near future?

Rich: Absolutely. When the time is right I'd be open to do an international tour.

What is it like to be an emerging hip hop artist in Toronto?

Rich: It’s exciting and fresh being a new artist.

You have a lot of very meaningful tattoos. Which one is your favourite and why?

Rich: Good question. My favourite tattoo would have to be my brother's eyes at the back of my neck. My brother always kept me well protected growing up. So, a tattoo of him watching my back was a sentimental reminder for me. I love tattoos!

What is your favourite song to perform live?

Rich: If I had to perform one of my songs live, it would be "Not a Problem" because I feel that song is very relatable. It would be dope to see a crowd’s reaction to that record live.

It’s been over two years since your brother was tragically taken from the world far too soon. A lot of your fans struggle with loss and can relate to your music. What has helped you get through the hard times?

Rich: Making and listening to music has been very therapeutic for me. It used to be basketball that got me through hard times, but to be honest, that’s something me and my brother did a lot. After he passed, part of me passed, too. And so did basketball, for me.

As an artist, where do you get your inspiration from?

Rich: I like to find inspiration within myself. Most of the time, the positive energy is more pure that way. Like, for example, if I’m having a rough day or learned a hard lesson, I’ll just pull back, listen to some beats, and try to write how I’m feeling at the moment.

It seems like Preme is pretty significant person in your life. Do you consider him a mentor? In what ways does he motivate you?

Rich: Yea, I do look at him as a mentor. I had the opportunity to watch him grow a lot as a person and an artist for several years, so it’s been very motivating watching his growth! And Preme’s always going to be hard on me. He knows my bro wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned from your brother?

Rich: Be careful who you trust.


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