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Only Move Right with EazyRydah

This week we got in touch with one of the hottest new up and coming artists in the city, Eazy Rydah. Following the release of his latest single “Big drip”We reached out to the rapper to find out more about his music and the inspiration behind his passion for performing.

For those reading who may not already know; Where are you from and how long have you been recording & performing music?

For those that don’t know, I moved around a lot growing up. From the west, then to the east end of the city. I was born in Toronto, grew up in the west end of the city, Jane & Dundas area. Then I spent some time growing up in Brampton as well and did high school in Durham.

I started making music at the age of 12 & had my first performance at age 19.

What inspired your passion for music?

Just having a way to express myself and my thoughts. Growing up I never talked a lot , rapping was the most talking I’d do. & it was a way to be heard more than anything. Also things that I go through.

Can you name a few artist/songs that you could say your music is influenced by?

Drake , Tory Lanez , Fabolous , and Post Malone are a few creatives that inspire me to create but there are a lot more.

What do you think sets your sound apart from other artists in the city?

I know how to make things my own and leave my mark with my creativity. I’m not afraid to experiment with different beats & sounds. Others just like going with what’s been working for everybody else.

Your latest release "Big drip“ Is definitely a hit! The song has also received positive feedback from your fans. What inspired the song and How do you think your musical direction has changed with age/time as you perfect your craft?

The beat first & foremost that was the type of vibe it was giving me , matched it with how I was feeling that day & ‘BiG DRiP’ was made. As far as my musical direction new sounds always come into play & you want to be able to experience & challenge yourself with them. So you just gotta grow with the music.

What can we expect from you in the new year? Any new shows/performances coming up?

CONTENT. Working on content & building my foundation. That’s my Main focus right now!

Taking into consideration everything you’ve  experienced in the music industry so far; the good and the bad. what advice can you give to any up and coming young aspiring musicians in the city?

Just be true to you , stay focused and keep your mind right.

Follow Eazyrydah on Instagram and listen to his latest music.


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