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No Cap with @SpazzFrmTmp

Updated: May 30, 2019

Everyone can appreciate a trendsetter within the music industry. These days real genuine music is rare and authentic artist are few and far between. Local rapper Spazzfrmtmp is among the few trailblazers trying to bring authenticity back to the music in the city.

Born right here in Toronto, Spazz moved around a lot as a kid due to trouble in school. To help keep him out of trouble his mother sent him to live with his Godparents in brampton. Although the rapper says he never thought he had the talent for music, he recently dropped two hot new singles this year and is currently preparing for the release of his third single soon.

For your new fans who may not already know, Where did you grow up and how long have you been recording & performing music?

I was born in kipling, I moved around a lot as a kid because I kept getting in trouble in school and my mom wanted me to get away from that. Then I moved to a town called tottenham but still found myself getting in trouble until I finally moved to brampton with my Godparents to see if they could watch over me.

Even though his brother was passionate about music and pursuing his own career, this young artists says he never really felt like he had the talent for it himself.

My brother has always been doing music, he's always been a rapper. Growing up we were separated, I lived with our mom and he lived with our dad. I would take the Go bus down to pickering to see my bro and I used to think what he was doing was cool but I never really had a passion for it.

In 2018 my brother started producing beats and one day he just made a beat, turned the mic on, and I started freestyling. That’s how I recorded my first single “Choosing fee”. That was the first song that I ever recorded. When I put it on my instagram people were telling me its fire and I keep seeing the tracktion and the love so i'm going to keep doing it.

Can you name a couple of  albums that you listen to growing up for us?

Growing up I was in my own little world. I didn’t really listen to a lot of music. Music wasn’t my forte. When I really started listening to music I would say I listened to Quando Rondo, kodak black. Tupac was always in my ear, cause I had cousins that would listen to that and Reggae has always been in my life cause my parents are jamaican.

I like artist that have that street tang and that pain. Where I can know 100% that there is no cap.

How would you describe your own musical style? And how do you think it sets you apart from other artists in the city?

When you listen to my music, there's no cap. You can feel the pain and see and understand what i’m going through. Or you can jump up and down if its a club banger. Even when its a club banger you can still feel the pain.

My music is different from other artists in the city because its pain but it’s also feel good as well. It’s never no stupid music, or mumble shit or shit that makes no sense.

What are your thoughts of the current state of the hip-hop/Rap scene in Toronto?  

I have a lot of positive and negative thoughts about this. There’s a lot of good artists in the city and then there’s a lot of garbage artists. People that aren’t rapping about nothing, just mumbling and ain’t saying shit, lying. The thing about toronto is that there’s a lot of wave riding, right?

So, if you got a wave or you’re from a certain area in the city then people are going to automatically fuck with you and the blogs are going to fuck with you. If you’re not from a certain area they're not going to fuck with you. Even if you have the hottest music in the world.

I think if our city came together and put on new artist like myself and others artist that are on the come up and actually have great music, make good content, and are marketable; the music scene in toronto would be a lot better. Instead of posting stupid fights and whatever bullshit is going on in the city.

If you could collaborate on a track with any artist in the world right now, who would you choose and why?

If I could collaborate with any artists right now it would be the 416 blockboyz. I would collaborate with them because they're probably one of the most underrated groups in the city, thats one. Number two they have consistent fire, and there's no cap as well. I know for a fact that what they're saying is no cap. Every Song there's a story to tell and its deep, not no bullshit. So  when real connect with real you already know it's gonna be a hit .

In what ways do you think your sound has changed with age/time as you perfect your craft?

Since im a new artist, i’m still learning everyday. My sound is getting better and my videos are getting better each one I do. Right now i’m just trying to get to know myself and know my voice and what sounds better with my voice and my sound.

What can we expect from Spazz this summer? Any new music or performances we should be looking out for?

I got my new single Rodeo coming out soon. The video is dropping real soon, so watch out for that. I promise you guys that is going to be a movie, going to have the city on fire.

I also got some shows coming up, i'll be performing at a few strip clubs in the city just getting my sound and my name out there this summer.

Make sure you check out Spazz new singles “Choosing fee” and “No days off” OUT NOW


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