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Meet DJ Skyscream

Representing the city of markham, Dj skyscream has been holding the city hostage with a barrage of infectious remixes, Crafted in his exhilarating hardtrap and festival style. Not to mention his tracks gaining recognition and downloads from top names like Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Marshmellow, Zedd, the chainsmokers and many more. This young artist has already accomplished so much in his 9 year career but according to him, this is only the beginning.

Some people may be under the impression that you are new to the music scene. However, that really isn’t the case. How long have you been making music? And what inspired you to step behind the DJ table?

I’ve been recording music for 4 years and I’ve been Djing/performing for 9 years. Ive always been around music my whole life since my dad was a sound assistant for a couple of DJs and bands across Toronto. But I was mainly inspired and wanted to get into music because of the video game DJ Hero. It was all for fun at the time but I really wanted to try out the real thing in person so I downloaded some DJ software to get me started.

Based off of your perspective, How do you think your musical direction and sound have changed with age/time as you perfect your craft?

My sound has really changed over the years while I’ve experimented with many samples and different genres. Even though I always thought I’d be more a house producer,  I’ve grown to make a lot of festival and hardtrap tracks. But I’m glad I can do different things as well!

Can you name a few artist/songs that spark your inspiration to create new music?

I would say Djs such as Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Tiesto have definitely influenced my music. I think Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, Deadmau5’s “Ghost N Stuff” are tracks that have made a big impact for dance music and its culture in general.

What do you think sets your sound apart from other DJs in the city?

What I believe sets me apart from other DJs in the city is my knowledge and understanding of the music industry and my motivation to keep pushing forward. I say this because I’m always looking for new opportunities while working with the right promoters to help my music grow and over the years my numbers have grown and it keeps on getting better for me as an artist each year.

As seen on his personal instagram, Skyscream has had the opportunity  to DJ at amazing venues like Nathan Phillips Square and Cabana Pool Bar in Toronto. One of the biggest highlights for Skyscream so far was his final Spotify numbers. On his spotify in 2018, the young dj had 141K streams, 104K fans, 4K hour listens and 52 countries listening to his music throughout the year.

His music has also caught the attention of record labels such as Def Jam Recordings, Sony Music, Warner Music, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records, Universal Music but he is just getting started!

What can we expect from you this summer? Any new shows/performances coming up?

This summer I’m hoping to release a dancehall track for the fans because it’ll be great for me and something new and different for my target audience. I’m always working on new music as well. I’m working on an album that will be featuring R&B, Future Bass, Dancehall, Hardtrap and Festivaltrap and hopefully some Rap. I’m excited for this project because I’m always willing to be versatile with my music which many artist aren’t willing to do, and that’s why I believe my sound separates me from many other artist.

With all the experience and opportunities you've had in your career, what advice can you give to any up and coming young aspiring DJs in the city?

My advice to Djs and artist in the city is to be open to new opportunities and make connections with people, watch your surroundings in and out of the industry. Work with the right people and know your worth.

Written by UPN6XT Writer @xtraxen

Follow @DJSkyscream on Instagram.


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