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Learn these Instagram hacks to get more engagement and visibility

In this article you will learn how to use my Instagram hacks to get more engagement and visibility to your posts. If you use these Instagram hacks correctly, you are able to build more trust towards your followers and build a sustainable artist brand on Instagram.

Engage similar posts before posting yourself (Instagram hacks #1)

Here my first Instagram hack for your. Before you post your new piece of content scroll trough your feed and engage similar posts than you are about to upload. You should also use the search for to find similar posts.

Once you have found similar content you need to engage them. So in other words leave comments and likes and really try to engage people who have commented those posts.

When you are doing this you are preparing the field for your new post. Now when you upload your own piece of content many more people will see it and are more likely to engage it because you just commented and liked their post.

Make sure to like & comment new content only before uploading your own content. This way you will get maximum amount of engagement when you post your own content because you know those people have been online on Instagram only minutes ago.

Like comments on your previous post (Instagram hacks #2)

Another thing you should do before posting your new picture or video is to like all the comments on your own previous post. So go to your previous video or photo and scroll trough all the comments and like them. After that post your new video or photo.

The reason why you want to do this is that the people who commented your last post will get a notification when you like their comments. Now when you immediately upload a new post after liking the comments your new post will get more engagement.

When people see the notification that you liked their comment they will most likely check your profile and see the new post you have just uploaded. This is a great way to increase your traffic and get already engaged people to see your new post.

Engage new followers (Instagram hacks #3)

It is important to engage new followers you get. When you notice that you have received a new follower, you can send a private message to him/her. If you want to be even more personal (which I recommend) you can send a voice message.

It is important to engage especially your new followers. This makes easier for them to engage you back.

By sending them a welcome message you are showing that they can trust you and they can freely speak with you. Imagine if you would receive a message from an artist you admire?

When you send a message it doesn’t need to be anything special. Just say hi to them and introduce yourself. However, don’t just spam the same message to everyone or you may get yourself banned.

Engage people who commented on your posts (Instagram hacks #4)

Another neat Instagram hack you should be using is to engage people who commented your posts. Simply when someone leaves a comment to your post you should always respond to it.

Even if it’s not a question you can still respond to it and have a conversation. We are again trying to connect with your followers.

When you respond to comments people will notice this and they will trust you more. It makes other people also more encouraged to leave comments to your posts because they know that you are going to respond.

Responding to comments creates engagement around your content. This will give you more exposure and Instagram algorithms will push your content to more people.

Keep in mind that the first couple of hours after uploading a new piece of content are the most critical. That’s why you should immediately respond to the comments.

Create shareable content (Instagram hack #5)

Content that can be easily shared generally gets more likes and comments. This is because people can more easily relate to your content. Making shareable content is a great Instagram hack to get more followers, likes and comments.

But what is shareable content exactly? Well it really can be anything but in general it is something funny, useful, valuable, appealing or controversial. So in other words it is content that creates emotions.

Create shareable content so people will more likely engage you.

For example, a funny meme can be shareable content. When you have see something funny on the internet, have you ever shared it to your friends? Probably yes. That’s shareable content!

It is important to engage especially your new followers. This makes it easier for them to engage you back.le video maybe?  Well that’s shareable content again because people likes to share content that can be useful.

Add hashtags to your stories (Instagram hack #6)

Here’s one of my favorite Instagram hacks to you. Have you ever included hashtags on your Instagram stories? Did you even know that it is possible? Well yeah it is.

When you make an Instagram story you should always add couple of hashtags to it. Hashtags works the same way on stories and regular Instagram posts.

You can add hashtags to your stories simply by using the text tool when uploading the picture or video. Just write down the hashtags you want to use. I usually use 1-3 hashtags per Instagram story.

When you make an Instagram story you should always add a couple of hashtags to it. Hashtags work the same way on stories and regular Instagram posts. ill works!


There are many things you can do on Instagram to improve the visibility of your posts. These Instagram hacks I just showed to you can be easily used by anyone to boost posts to get more exposure.

The most important thing is always engagement. When you engage people the right way they will trust you more easily. Once you have gained their trust they will more likely check your feed and profile.

Building trust is one of the most important things to do when creating a sustainable brand on Instagram.

Credit: Soundnoia


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