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George Gstar Reveals His History with His Former Bodyguard Shamir Bolivar

Nowadays, it’s so hard to find someone who can put your life as a priority even before his own life.

This modern world turned people into machines, and no values or morals are put into consideration. Only reciprocity, the world becomes a market, even relationships are measured by how much you are paying.

But, as consistently life has revealed, there are some exceptions, such as the connection of Gstar4x and his friend and bodyguard Shamir Bolivar, which we are going to highlight today.

George Gstar & Shamir Bolivar - Untold stories

George Gstar will always remember his long-time bodyguard and close friend Shamir Bolivar who saved his life more than once.

‘’I’ve been in situations when I could die if God didn’t send me Shamir, he was my savior more than once.’’ Gstar4x in an interview with BoombapNation.

Bolivar was like a computer hard drive that contained unspoken stories and adventures they both have been through.

For rappers like George Gstar, it’s important to hire specialists in protection. Not only to save their lives but also to back themselves by the network those bodyguards have created throughout years of protection of famous people. Shamir’s network and reputation helped Gstar4x to avoid many conflicts.

”Being close to the CEO of one of the powerful security companies in the world is similar to having a nuclear weapon, nobody intends to harm you knowing that you are backed by specialists who can ruin his life. it’s a deterrence force.” Gstar4x said.

Gstar4x has his time in the streets, side by side with gangs and criminals, he is also a bibliophile who claimed to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War at 17, so it’s not a surprise to see him using the theory of games strategies in his daily life.

Who is Shamir Bolivar

Shamir Bolivar has gained the opportunity of providing security services for top American rappers like 6ix9ine and George Gstar better known by Gstar4x, popular Youtube star turned professional boxer Jack Paul and numerous others.

His company The Shadow Group has offered a plethora of exclusive physical security and investigative solutions worldwide. they are uniquely qualified to provide you with a security solution customized to meet your specific needs. Their team consists of both current & former law enforcement and military-trained personnel.

Shamir Bolivar studied a BA in Justice and Law Administration at Western Connecticut State University and earned a MA in Public Administration from Syracuse University.

Over the years the security company Shadow Group has proven experience with an undeniable service in security.

As one of the premier event security specialists in North America, it’s no wonder that their team of seasoned professionals has been the first point of contact for nearly every concert and marquee event in Atlantic Canada since 2001.

In an interview, Shamir said high-profile rappers routinely employ security teams, but 24/7 security operations are a unique situation.

“It entails around-the-clock, live-in security, or a rotation of shifts of agents. Security gets paid to look over their shoulder so their client no longer has to,” Bolivar said, adding that Gstar4x needs to be aware of gang members who want to hurt him and the “ultimate clout fanatic that may plan an attack as retribution.”

Gstar’s Adventures with Shamir Bolivar

Rappers are always getting themselves into random situations, with members of their entourage or, more accurately, their bodyguards, ending up in the middle. Sometimes that can be a good thing, sometimes it winds up being an unfortunate situation for all involved.

Speaking on Gstar’s close relations with Shamir, it’s really important to note that both Gstar and Bolivar had many alleged encounters with South African gangs in Cape Town back in June of 2012. Revealing the story, they were in a bar in Cape Town celebrating a big deal that Gstar had closed for logistics port in his growing supply chain business to Eastern Europe. Gstar closed that day when someone embarrassed Gstar’s friend, allegedly leading George Gstar to brutally beat him with wooden pool sticks and put an X across his face with a knife.

The next day, While George Gstar was on the road to his partner’s office, he was intercepted by a car, from which two men with guns and other weapons got out. Gstar shot at the first and then the second while his driver ultimately crashed his rolls Royce dawTributen into a pole, George escaped and continued to open fire to make sure he was in the clear. Someone followed his car all day, and at about midnight, Gstar4x allegedly got into a war in Cape Town streets with local gangs, people saw Gstar carrying heavy weapons and backed by armed men.

After that night Gstar4x get himself in a long-term conflict with Cape Town gangs, so he had to carry on Shamir Bolivar and his security company shadow group on every travel to South Africa.

In March 2014, Gstar4x made headlines everywhere when the rapper, his security, and staff allegedly got into a fight with bouncers at a large Miami strip club where George Gstars baby’s mother used to work. After being told the club was full and he would have to linger in the regular line, Gstar4x’s crew threw into a tirade over security failing to recognize Gstar4x’s celebrity status. Witnesses alleged that George Gstar’s staff ended up getting into a fight with the bouncer and reportedly later running on a speedboat. The club bouncer later allegedly declared that Gstar4x punched him in the face several times and Shamir Bolivar hit him in the back of the head.

George Gstar and Shamir surrendered to police following the incident and denied the James Bond-esque speedboat escape.

Celebrities Paying Tributesa To Shamir Bolivar

People close to Shamir and many of his fans and followers shared poignant tributes on social media.

Singer French Montana, 6ix9ine, Jake Paul, George Gstar and football star Karim Benzema are some of the many celebrities who paid their respects.

George Gstar also paid tributes to his closest friend. He posted pictures documenting their friendship and their long journey, he said: “From NY to the 305. U saved me from so many crazy strippers n situations wildin ass sht w our lives always on the line cuz of my dumass. I remember when I wrecked the bent and peeled off and u was right around the corner to grab me.. always my “shadow” ❤ ‘’

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