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From Underground to the Mainstream: The Rise of Scholar The 3rd

Ezra Daniel, also known as Scholar The 3rd, is a young rapper hailing from Toronto, Canada. The upcoming Canadian rapper is making waves in the music industry.

He is a Pilot in training and a part-time surfer who got his start in music as early as his preteens. Recording from basements to his friends' kitchens, to other odd places Scholar never care about the etiquette but about shaping his style and building a solid foundation for his career, he understood that the road to becoming a successful music artist wasn't going to be easy.

He is a multi-skilled man, he has even been featured on IMDB as an Actor/ Director because of multiple music videos he's directed of himself from multiple singles he's released.

He first burst onto the hip-hop scene was 5 years ago with his debut single, "Thought You Knew, "featuring Abidemi, which quickly gained traction online and helped him amass a loyal following.

Scholar's music is known for its raw, authentic energy and honest lyrics. He draws inspiration from his own life experiences and uses his music as a platform to tell his story and connect with his fans.

Latest Scholar's song is "Pressure," which features a catchy hook and a pulsing beat that showcases his unique sound. The song has helped solidify Scholar's place as one of the most promising young artists in Canada.

The music video "Pressure" features him riding his waves in both the literal and musical sense. The song is called Pressure because in are moments in the life of dealing with pressures of everyday life, whether it be with bills, depression, anxiety, the death of a loved one, or personal issues it is important to understand diamonds are formed under pressure which is stated in the chorus and those moments for us to be stronger individuals and push us to be successful because we used that frustration to become the next bill gates. The point is we have to continue to put ''Pressure'' on God because he made all of us for a purpose and he has no choice but to deliver on his promises when we are following his ways. This is why we have pressures in life so it can push us to become better, stronger, resilient, etc.

"Pressure" showcases $cholar's raw talent and ability to create high-energy, catchy tracks that are both relatable and impactful. With its infectious beat and clever lyrics, the song is sure to resonate with fans around the world.

In addition to his music, Scholar is also known for his fashion sense and his commitment to his community. He often gives back to his hometown of Toronto and is dedicated to using his platform to promote positive change.

Looking to the future, Scholar shows no signs of slowing down. as he has several upcoming projects in the works. With his raw talent and unwavering dedication, Scholar The 3rd is poised to take the music world by storm in the coming years.


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