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Flexing with Dundas

We had a sit down with Dundas, a Rap artist from Ajax ON to talk about his new single “flex” and his journey since he officially launched his music career- influences and plans for the future. Read the full interview below.

What hometown are you repping?


What are some of your influences?

As far as music goes Ill say Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kendrick, J.Cole, Drake just to name a few I like a lot of different artists because of different styles

What has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist so far?

Honestly, getting my music on a streaming platform was something I was pretty proud of. I never thought I’d get myself to that point but now here I am and it’s the little things that count, so I’m proud of that the most.

What are some of the accomplishments you are aiming for in the near future?

When the time is right, my first priority would be to put out an EP/Mixtape, start doing shows, getting my name out there. It would include a lot of personal things as far as pushing my music career forward.

Tell us about your most recent release. What is it about? What is the message you are conveying through your music?

My most recent release “flex” is a high energy song where you are at your most confident point and even if you’re not it’s made to get you there. The message that I’m putting in my music is to always be yourself, have the upmost confidence in yourself and express how you feel because at the end of the day it’s you that has to deal with yourself on a daily basis. Gotta be real with yourself before anybody else.

How long have you been in the game?

As far as writing goes, just over a year but recording and seriously trying to do something in the game I’d say just over 6 months.

What’s your message to your fans?

My message to my fans is don’t ever be afraid to do something you want to do and put your all into everything. I’ve had a lot of situations where I gave up because of how people thought I couldn’t do something, whether it was family or being bullied at school. Do what you want and don’t let anybody shake you from that path. Ever!

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