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Canadian Rapper Drake Amoung Rappers Who Are Reimagined as Marvel Superheroes

Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Future, and countless others have been remade into Marvel superheroes thanks to an innovative Marvel fan.

Instagram user Dunnie West shared his Hip Hop-meets-comic book collections on January 9, which also displayed Childish Gambino as Doctor Strange, Lil Baby as Captain America, 21 Savage as Iron Man, and Travis Scott as Spider-Man.

Kendrick was reimagined as Black Panther — a fitting choice considering K. Dot drove the Black Panther movie soundtrack in 2018 — while Future and Drizzy were redesigned as Daredevil and Thor.

While it’s indistinct if any of the superstar rappers have seen their superhero replicas, this is outlying from the first time Hip Hop and the Marvel Universe have contradicted.

In November, Eminem was honored with his own Spider-Man comic book cover to honor the 20th anniversary of his hip hop film 8 Mile.

On the cover, the Detroit rap icon’s B-Rabbit personality can be seen fighting Spider-Man onstage, while several well-known faces from the Marvel Universe settle the crowd, like Miles Morales, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Ghost-Spider.

The cover was designed by the talented artist Salvador Larroca, who has previously created covers for the X-Men comic books.

The Weeknd also designed his common comic book with Marvel in 2017 to archive the journey of his Starboy personality.


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