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Artist Highlight: Troy Gatez

This week, we caught up with one of the hottest new up and coming artists in the city, Troy Gatez. We sat down with Troy to get an exclusive look into the creative process behind his latest project and to learn more about his journey into music.

From your perspective, how has your life influenced your music? And how has music changed your life?

Growing up, I’d say my upbringing in poverty influenced my music. Being introduced to the Og’s by my pops and uncle, the real street life and everyday struggle was never hidden from me. I had to grow up and learn quickly in order to survive. Music is like an outlet I can express myself because in real life I can be really antisocial.

When did you first get into the music industry and how did you make that decision?

I first started rapping way back in 2010 when I met a man that moved to my neighborhood by the name of (Billy Burnz) and he’s been in my life till this day. It’s funny cause it all started on some gang mentality. A man wearing all red on the block, you know the street life already, so “mandem” went up to see who these new guys were.

We came to find out he had a label and a studio right in the building. At those times I was like “ya w.e they rapper niggas cool”. A couple of weeks after I met Burnz and the rest of his artist, I got hit up 7 times and got revived. I came out of the hospital feeling sick.

Also I always looked up to 50cent, but when this nigga Burnz saw me I showed him I just came out the hospital, he looks at me like “fam that was you on the news”, shook his head and said “fam you need to get In the studio”. So I took the invite and went to the studio. From then on I discovered a hidden talent. I didn’t really start to embrace it until now.

Tell us a bit about your motivation to write the single, Hell’s Interlude.

It's about HELL on earth fam, just shit I’ve been through you know. In the track, you hear me say “project baby my parents was like Bobby and Whitney nigga” that’s no cap, my dukes pushed me out while she was doing dope and flew back to Jamaica.

My pops stuck around and made sure he showed face. Today he is healthy, got his wife a nice big apartment. He is straight and I’m proud of him, but I was raised by my grandma and she did a good job.

How would you describe your own sound?

To be honest I don’t know how to describe it. I held myself back for years not liking how I sound, so all of this positive feedback makes me feel like I’ve found my purpose. What you hear from me Is literally me.

If you could collaborate with any artist or producer, who would it be?

R.I.P popsmoke definitely someone I wanted to work with but real shit 50cent, I don’t care how many years done gone by that’s my guy. Since young, he got me through a lot of things listening to his music. For Producers in Canada, I would say Wondagurl. For the USA I’d say Jamaica productions, I fuck with his sound wish he’d answer my emails though lol.

Do you have any resolutions for 2020? What are they?

I told myself this year I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to go full force with this music and do everything I actually want to do without second-guessing myself. We are our own enemy sometimes.

What do you have in store for your fans in the future?

I want to drop a tape right now but I’m just waiting to build a bigger fan base until then expect good music and visuals from me.

Connect with Troy Gatez

Instagram: @TroyGatez

Spotify: @TroyGatez


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