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Artist Highlight: Rayshawn

Toronto rapper and entrepreneur RayShawn is an underrated artist. Recently released from a 7-year sentence, the prolific artist is back with a fresh outlook on life, ready to influence the music industry. His latest single, Fresh Out Freestyle, features a heavy old-school 2000s beat and some profound statements stylized in a flow that'll leave you starstruck. With his mother and kids as his main inspiration, RayShawn aims to forge an empire by building his label - C1F Entertainment.

1.   Fresh Out Freestyle is brilliant! What was your main aim or motivation to put that track out?

My main focus and motivaton with putting this freestyle out was to offer an illustration of the street life in Toronto without glorifying it. I wanted it to be more of a cautionary tale. My goal lyrically was to make it clear that I’m a force to be reckoned with!

2.  Musically, what impact has the last 7 years had on your life?


I feel like being in prison for the last 7 years was both a blessing and a curse for my career. I received a 10 year sentence at 23 years old. At the time I felt it might be too late  to start a rap career when I came home. That was the curse part to me but the blessing ended up being how expeditiously I advanced lyrically. Having 10 years on my head afforded me the time to study, read, write and mature.

3. How would you describe your sound?  

  In one word I would define my sound as eclectic. I’ve always been in tune with different kinds of music besides rap. So I have versatility as well as a good general knowledge of music.

4.  Which other artist do you look up to the most? 

All the greats!! Since I’ve started making music my intention was never to be just good at it but great at it. So any artist who has achieved greatness I studied.

5.  Professionally and personally, what is the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome so far?    

My biggest obstacle so far has been parole; trying to balance that as well as being a father and jumpstarting a rap career has been challenging.

6.  What are your short and long term goals with C1F?   

My goals with C1F is to create a buzz through the singles that will follow the fresh out freestyle. Have an official offering by way of an ep after that. And... Ultimately, I will not deter from my vision of me and the entire Chosen Family going up in 2020 and securing a bag to the tune of 7 and 8 figures. I just love the boldness of that remark given the fact that’s not where I’m at right now. So maybe we should do a follow up around  Xmas and see where we’re at with it.

7.  Is there a piece of wisdom from your life which you'd like to share with everyone?

    Yes of course, Pray.

Stay Connected with Rayshawn

Instagram - @rayshawnc1f , @c1fent

Twitter & Facebook - @rayshawnc1f


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