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An Exclusive Interview with Freddy Bricks on His Underground Album “David” With Mecca tha Marvelous

Step into the realm of musical evolution as we present an exclusive interview with the visionary Freddy Bricks, the mastermind behind the groundbreaking album 'David.' Teaming up with the exceptional Mecca tha Marvelous, this duo is set to redefine the underground scene.

Join us in this captivating conversation and then experience the magic of 'David' for yourself. Get ready to witness the future of music.

How did the collaboration between Mecca tha Marvelous and Freddy Bricks come about? What makes your partnership unique?

I was at a listening party and one of his beats came on so I went to Twitter and sent “yo who TF is Mecca?” And he pulled up to me and we talked about music for 5 hours

Collaboration can bring fresh dimensions to the music. Are there any guest features on the album that you're particularly excited about?

Yes, Jacksonville is filled with young talent and more importantly very skilled rappers. The writers on this project included Cole, Féla, Flash, Dree, Shad Will, John Wes, Dream & Rab G.

The underground scene has a dedicated fan base. How do you aim to connect with your listeners on a personal level through this album?

Honestly, that’s the goal with every album with soul drumless loops, it’s a chance to be the extra instrument and really take the listeners to your world. The underground is not an algorithm it’s real artists getting real support selling physical things. We just want to do our part to grow the culture for everyone.

Lyrics often carry powerful messages. Are there any powerful statements or narratives you'd like to highlight from the album?

In my opinion, Mecca showed a lot of growth and put his pen to use, it’s not easy being the one constant who has to write verses with all these other great features, but he excelled and I think it’s up from here.

The underground scene thrives on authenticity. How do you ensure that your music stays true to your personal stories and backgrounds?

It’s all I know honestly, my goal is to teach it to others. Hov had one of my favorite lines “y’all record, I recall” .. the goal is to translate how you feel to the record. The tone is very important, it needs to have that feel to it or the audience won’t connect.

Navigating the music industry can be challenging. What advice would you give to aspiring artists in the underground scene?

My advice is if your gonna decide to rap, never do it with the intention of being “signed”. You’re a business, rapping is an extension of your business and if you don’t love it, your business will never thrive. Find a local producer you like and build or learn how to produce the sound you want. Be consistent in who want to be as an artist and how you want to present yourself. Believe in what you’re doing because we can tell if you don’t.

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