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Up and coming rapper makes his mark with exciting debut album

Fast, hard-hitting flows, bass-heavy beats and an electrifying energy that just keeps giving. Welcome to the exciting new world of K-Crews in his latest smash album “Loose Cannon”. The ten track epic showcases the rapper at his very best. From his rapid delivery, to his tight, intelligent bars, it really is a spectacle from start to finish. It’s the product of over a year's worth of hard work and dedication, bringing the best possible rap album they could. Even teaming up with dance producers on multiple tracks to meld an unstoppable upbeat style to some of the tracks. Like much of his music, the songs

on the album come directly from his heart. He was going through some deep pain at the time and poured all this energy into making beautiful art. The result is something drenched in raw

emotion and oozing in originality. His recording time was like his sanctuary, so he ended up carefully crafting each song from the ground up with a truly authentic feel and a serious tone. The album is a testament to all the people who don’t play by the rules and pave their own path in this life. It is hugely based on the current state of hip-hop, especially that of his current scene in the Greater Toronto area. He noticed that a lot of the rappers were straight up lying on the mic and wanted to create something with authenticity and conviction. What he came up with is a brutally honest record that tells all in vivid detail with no bits left out. The young artist has been immersed in music for much of his life. It all started with him seeing Michael Jackson on MTV and ultimately finding Akon who hugely inspired him. He started delving deep into Eminem’s working, mimicking his flows and developing his own lyrical style. By high school he was recording his own bars and the rest was history. Like many up and coming rappers he made the move to Soundcloud and gained a notorious local presence for a

few of his songs. After some time really studying the industry, he’s preparing to launch onto the global rap scene in true style with a charisma-drenched aura that’s impossible to ignore.

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