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Toronto-based artist ohbrreezy has released his latest single "So High"

Toronto-based artist ohbrreezy has released his latest single "So High" on all streaming platforms as of April 14th, 2023. The up-and-coming artist has been making waves in the music scene with his previous singles "Free Smoke & Moving" and "Rinse (feat. SSeven Five)".

Listeners can hear the evolution of ohbrreezy's sound throughout "So High". The single features his auto-tuned melodies, Toronto-based flow, and dark lyrics all coming together to create a powerful track. The inspiration for "So High" comes from ohbrreezy's personal struggles with the Canadian justice system. He has been in and out of prison for years and each time taught him something new, especially about himself. His struggles have inspired much of his music, which he says is more inspiring than intense and stressful. ohbrreezy plans to promote "So High" through his music community, UPN6XT Media, and smaller Toronto-based outlets. His team also has a music video planned, which they hope will engage his current fans and bring in new ones. ohbrreezy's overall quality of sound and delivery has improved, and listeners can hear this in "So High". He has many more singles in the vault that he plans to release in the future, including "Rinse (feat. SSeven Five)". Through his music, ohbrreezy hopes to convey a message that no one is alone in their struggles. He brings an uplifting feeling even when rapping about negative topics, and he hopes that listeners can find solace in his music. Fans can now listen to "So High" on all streaming platforms and keep an eye out for the music video to come.

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