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Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Music Career During Covid-19 Pandemic.

We live in uncertain times and this has become even truer with the pandemic of COVID-19 virus happening at the beginning of this year. The pandemic has quarantined the world and has stopped people from traveling, going to cafes, concerts, and gigs. If you are an aspiring musician still fighting for your spot beneath the stars, the pandemic has affected you as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the current situation to your advantage and actually do something to boost your career. Below are the top 5 ways in which you can still push your career even with the pandemic happening.

1.Instagram Live

With so many people stuck at home, the majority of them are on their phones more than usual. This means your target audience is on Instagram, going through feeds and stories. Make an impact by setting up a live show and with many other famous stars such as Tory Lanez, John Legend, P!nk and Demi Lovato doing the same thing, now is the right time for you as well. You can also comment on their performances and get some of the attention of their fans. You should see a tick in your followers’ count.


Another great social network that just exploded during the pandemic is TikTok. As it was the number one most downloaded app in March, it is bound to be a good medium to get some new fans/followers. Yes, the app is more focused on silly clips and lip syncs, but you can mash that up with some original content, some signing or you playing your favorite instrument and you will for sure crack the “for you” part of the app. Just make sure your profile also showcases your other profiles or even your website.


You may have heard of this platform and you may be already using it, but did you know that SoundCloud is offering $5M dollars in free promotional support and $10M to help fuel the careers of independent artists? Head on over to their blog to see how you can use this amazing opportunity!


Head on over to Patreon if you are interested in workshops ranging from how to make a successful online concert to getting a bigger audience. Besides the workshops, you can exchange your ideas and experiences on their forum and also see how other creative minds are coping with the change that the pandemic brought.

5.Master your craft

This one might sound too obvious, but use this time to work on yourself, let the creative juices flow, find some inspiration in these difficult times and write or compose a song. Or two. Or five. Get ready for a post-COVID world which needs talent, song, laughter, and good vibes and make sure you are a part of it by honing your skill while you are in quarantine or isolation. Trust me it will be worth it!


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