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Tommy Richman "Million Dollar Baby" & Lovari "Paparazzi" - Are They The Same?

Knocking Taylor Swift out of the #2 spot on the Billboard Charts is no easy feat, especially when you're an independent artist signed to a small label. But that's exactly what Virginia native Tommy Richman did with his single "Million Dollar Baby". While Swift occupied nine of the ten coveted slots, Richman landed in for his debut, knocking out her ten consecutive positions. The success of "Million Dollar Baby" is largely due to its immense popularity on Tik Tok. With his high falsetto in the chorus and production beats reminiscent of the mid 90s, his flavor is indeed unique in today's music landscape.

Lovari - Paparazzi

But with social media, conspiracy theories tend to arise. Case in point, the singer Lovari and his song "Paparazzi". Although the NY artist has scored two Billboard Dance Club Songs on the chart, his 2018 song Paparazzi did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100. However, social media users particularly those on Instagram have gone on to theorize that both "Million Dollar Baby" and "Paparazzi" are interchangeable, even citing plagiarism. Both songs are credited with different writers and different producers, and a six year release difference, yet the conspiracy still remains. Take a look at both videos on YouTube and decide for yourself if you think there was any influence.

Tommy Richman "Million Dollar Baby"


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