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Solo YS Releases his latest single "Not The Same"

Solo YS is releasing music in the Raw Undiluted taste, for which fans have adored him for years. His talent is evident, depicting why so many songs you hear on social media sound so good. His compositions include heartfelt lyrics with a personal touch, showcasing his entire range of ability as well as world-class production.

The fact that Solo YS songs are so special is that he's genuinely connected to his songs. Inspired by the artists like T pain, Lil Wayne, Camron, Vybz Kartel, he has released his new song, "Not The Same." This song is well composed, wonderfully accompanying the excellent vocal performance of Solo YS. In his most recent single, "Not The Same," he addresses the snakes around his camp. He's telling the snakes that they are truly "Not The Same" and that they can't mess with him.


His music is 100% Authentic. The beat or hook is going to be stuck in your mind when you listen to his music. His music is super catchy & ear-soothing. His 1st music was released in Dec 2017. Solo YS is working on new projects that will rock the music chain.





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