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Rob Ertz Talks About His Latest Single "Rude Awakening" and Hints at Upcoming Projects

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Los Angeles, CA - In a recent interview, rising rapper Rob Ertz opened up about the inspiration behind his latest single "Rude Awakening" and how he collaborated with Dazasta Tha Great to bring the track to life. According to Rob Ertz, "Rude Awakening" was inspired by his own personal experiences and frustrations. "The inspiration behind Rude Awakening was just to let everybody know that they're in a rude awakening thinking they gone play with me. Straight up. I been through too much and came a long way with this shit so now it's time to put some respect on my name."

He went on to explain that the collaboration with Dazasta Tha Great came about organically. "I sent it to him in hopes he'd get on the record. I knew he was an artist that had a lot to get off his chest and would take the record to the next level, and he did just that." Rob Ertz also shared some insight into his creative process, saying that he uses his music as an outlet to vent and express himself. "I just had to vent for a second, I'm dealing with a lot at the time trying to pursue rap on the come up but rap ain't paying the bills & the woman I was dealing with at the time wasn't alleviating the stress & just causing me a headache so before I let you sink the ship I gotta let you go now I got 'em by the boat load." Describing the overall sound and style of "Rude Awakening," Rob Ertz said that it's similar to some of his previous tracks like "In The Zone" and "No Major Deal" in that he's telling listeners about the problems he's faced and what he had to go through to get where he is now. When asked what message or emotions he hopes listeners take away from the track, Rob Ertz said, "The message I want my fans to take from this is to keep pushing through it all no matter who hating, whoever doubting you, and all the other bullshit getting thrown your way. They're expecting you to fail so prove them wrong." Looking ahead, Rob Ertz teased some upcoming projects and collaborations that fans can look forward to. "To all my fans I'm finally releasing Big Tyme and you can expect to hear more music from me and Dazasta for sure. We might just drop a tape together." As for his long-term goals, Rob Ertz said that he hopes to break into the mainstream side of rap and achieve success on a national level. "I'm on the come up right now but I'm working on breaking into the mainstream side of rap. Just staying consistent & applying pressure daily." For aspiring artists trying to establish themselves in the music industry, Rob Ertz offered some simple but powerful advice: "Don't give a f*ck about what anybody has to say. Block out all the negativity, if it's not about helping you evolve or getting to a bag then it's in the way. Believe in you." Through his music, Rob Ertz hopes to contribute to larger conversations and movements in society. "I feel like my music will help balance the rap genre, showing you ain't gotta beef & tear down the next man to come up when y'all got the same mission & goals." With his eyes set on the future, Rob Ertz is determined to achieve his goals and make a name for himself in the music industry. "Number 1 record, plaques on plaques, hits on top of hits

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