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Rising Star from the Streets of St. Louis: Meet TRIPP

In the ever-evolving landscape of Midwest hip hop music, emerges a conscious artist with an authentic voice. This female pioneer goes by the titled TRIPP. Why that name? Because her music is a journey of hard-hitting beats, trendy language, old school influences, and embracing her own sexuality.

The fusion of her flow is making waves in the St. Louis area where she was born and raised, redefining the rap scene like the innovator Sexyy Red. Tripp is being true to her brand and craft. Her rise to prominence is a testament of hard work ethic and investment. She is heavily influenced by family and iconic music of Tupac, Isley Brothers, and her older brother who was a battle rapper. She credits the Legendary group “the Bangga” for navigating her career to the level she has achieved. The difference between many female artists in the Midwest and Tripp is her DNA of never quitting. Coldest Woman Ever & Heaven Beast mode are her forth coming EP projects with hot productions from Black Pearl Entertainment Mook Beats. The rapper star describes her music as St. Louis BBQ with splash of beer, down home recipe.

Follow Tripp

IG @tripp3_heaven23 / @low_end_ent

Facebook: Inez Tripp Heaven Twitter: @tripp3heaven

TikTok: @Tripp3_heaven

Contact email:

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Jun 07

Blessings keep grinding and shining homie may the most high continue to guide your foot steps.

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