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Rising Artist Kavale drops “Would You Like A Heart?”

Los Angeles, CA - Kavale, a rising artist from Toronto, has released his latest single "Would You Like a Heart?" off his upcoming project ‘Aren’t You Lucky?’ out later this year. Produced by DAZE, an extended member of Kavale's Above All Collective, the song is a departure from his previous releases and showcases the artist's versatility.

"Would you Like A Heart" DSPS "Would you like a heart?" Lyric Video Soundcloud "Would You Like a Heart?" is the third single off of Kavale's upcoming album 'Aren't You Lucky?' and explores the complexities of love and relationships. The song is a testament to Kavale's growth as an artist, showcasing his ability to tackle different themes and sounds. Kavale is a multifaceted artist who handles everything from writing and production to creative ideation and video direction. However, "Would You Like a Heart?" is one of the only songs on the album that he did not produce. The song came together during the same block of time last summer and fall when Kavale was creating the album overall. "Love can be simple, but it can also be complicated," said Kavale. "The conflicts we go through when dealing with love can be taxing. 'Would You Like a Heart?' is about the perfect love that we all desire but is hard to find. It's about realizing that the idea of a perfect love can only exist in our minds."

Kavale's Above All Collective serves as a platform for other creatives from varying walks of life. The label is set to house other talented artists in the future, with Kavale serving as a mentor and guiding force. Kavale has once again showcased his talent and creativity, The song explores the complexities of love and relationships, showcasing Kavale's ability to tackle different themes and sounds. His upcoming album is set to be a highly anticipated release this year. For more information on Kavale and his music, please visit his official website or follow him on social media. "Would You Like a Heart?" is now available on all major streaming platforms. About Kavale Kavale is a Canadian alternative hip-hop/r&b recording artist and producer from Toronto, ON. His versatility, which he attributes largely to the environment he grew up in where multi-faceted skill sets were a necessity, has become one of the musician’s defining traits. There’s no single lane he occupies, giving him adequate room to express creatively. His trajectory into music professionally was imperfect and staggered, facing tons of adversity along the way. But Kavale is a musician’s musician, and is an artist for any era. His reemergence from his hiatus comes with a fine-tuned grasp of his craft. And his unapologetic nature, with such rawness and honesty, exists to challenge the status quo and inspire above all else.


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