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RFG Seven Releases Highly Anticipating Single “Off Me”

(April 2022 – Toronto, Ontario) Rising rap star Rfg Seven released the official music video for his latest single, "Off Me," today. Thrilling, unapologetic, and liberated "Off Me" is an unbeaten song with ear soothing lyrics.

RFG compositions include heartfelt lyrics with a personal touch, showcasing his entire range of ability and world-class production. He started his journey despite having poor communication with his family. He didn't stop and started to write his thoughts on paper which later turned into lyrics.

His skill is undeniable, which illustrates why so many songs you hear on social media are so wonderful. The reason that Rfg Seven's vocals are so unique is due to her real connection to them. Rfg Seven is not just a musical endeavor but also a virtual and augmented reality haven. This project is so particular that you will find every song unique as you get immersed in the RFG world.

His music is 100% Authentic. The beat or hook will be stuck in your mind when you listen to his music. His music is super catchy & ear-soothing. Rfg Seven is working on new projects that will rock the music chain.

Look out for Rfg Seven at:



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