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Rapper SKG Attends Coachella 2023 Festivities

Coachella 2023 included celebrity artists, custom outfits, and a live music festival.

The annual art and music festival held in Indio, California, included performances from BLACKPINK, Bad Bunny, Calvin Harris, and Frank Ocean. One Artist who enjoyed networking amongst like minded people was female rapper “SKG” ( Helecia Choyce )

SKG said “I loved this year’s Coachella lineup, but I really enjoyed Coachella 2022’s festival because that was my first time performing.

SKG (Born Helecia Choyce) has always incorporated the much-needed fresh air through her music. Her music is a kind of diverse, intelligent and forward-thinking sound that makes it all useful. The sound of SKG tracks has a strong and vibrant dynamic with good production that makes her a very different artist. SKG began her career at a young age, signing on the infamous Deathrow Records.

From Deathrow Records to Heineken Stage in Coachella 2022.

Which came after SKG released her album “Unfinished Business” many people have known SKG since she was signed to Deathrow Records and was featured on Tupac’s album “Until the End of Time’ ‘ and Doggpound 2002.

This year at Coachella, SKG supported brands such as Kim Crawford - Amazingly You, Espolon Tequila and Splash Blast.

The highlight of her evening was performing at four twenty bank which is an upscale weed dispensary in Palm Springs.


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