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Pablo drops his highly anticipated project "Be Right Back"

As the new year begins, Pablo drops his highly anticipated project "Be Right Back" as a way of telling his fans he's been gone a while but he's back now and he's not letting his foot off the gas this year either.

1.What's the story behind your release, how did it come to be etc.?

It’s a new year and I didn’t wanna give my fans some old sound besides I haven’t dropped none prior to this in a while so I was tryna show my growth and what I could really do because just always gangsta rapping isn’t gonna cut it now and I see that so I had to change my sound a bit and I’m still working on it because I could be super versatile but on this project, I wanted to rap bout some real shit and show y’all where my head was at at the time y’kno?

2.What was the creative process around your release

Creative process wasn’t really none, y’kno just got my mic out and played a couple beats my producer sent me and I get to recording. I don’t really like writing too much cause I feel like whatever I got to say at that time it hit different if I write it so y’kno I basically just freestyled the joint

3.What is the meaning and message behind your music

The meaning and message was me telling my fans that I’ve been gone for a while but I’m coming back and I’m not letting my foot off the gas cause I got too much music and too much people telling me to drop. My music for the real so those who feel it gon feel it and if u don’t then u don’t

4.Any other interesting facts about the release

My journey and history kinda weird. I ain’t from Toronto I moved here like 5 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago, if u don’t know the place go look it up it’s not the easiest place to grow up in and I had my lil run ins with the law and shit which made it almost damn near impossible to leave the country when I wanted to but I did and to be completely honest I didn’t even like rap or hip hop or none at first cause I’m a dancehall type of guy but people around me started showing me shit like 50 and jay and nipsey and all them niggas and they got to showing me how much they make so I’m like I could do that too if that’s all it take to make all that money and I dropped a couple tracks here and there but I still ain’t take it that serious up until this project I just dropped cause I got people from all over telling me they fuk with my music and they wanna hear more so now I know I got a fan base I could build on but I ain’t realize until just recently that it’s more than just being good on the mic but I gotta learn the business aspect of it too so I’m really taking my time to figure this whole shit out and get in tune with what I gotta do. I wish it was as easy as just dropping music anytime I want but this shit way more than that cause I’m not tryna do this one year and done I’m aiming for longevity

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iTunes: Be Right Back - Single by Pablo


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