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Marcus Porter Released a New Album ''THE PERCEPTION''- Review

Marcus Porter, an emerging hip-hop and R&B artist hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, delivers a dynamic and introspective album titled 'The Perception.' Drawing inspiration from indie music, backpack rap, and blues, Porter curates a distinct fusion that resonates deeply with his soul and strikes a chord with his listeners. As an artist, he not only shares his music on renowned stages like Lifest Stage, Cap Times Live, and Festival Food Lights The Isthmus but also imparts his passion through after-school programs in his music studio.

Marcus Porter single-handedly crafted every aspect of "The Perception," self-producing the entire album from scratch, demonstrating his impressive skills as both a rapper and a producer.

The opening track, "Read The Script," sets the tone for the album. Porter's rich vocals take center stage as he declares, "I am the one reading the script," establishing himself as the protagonist of his own story. This theme of self-exploration runs throughout the album, making 'The Perception' an intimate and soul-searching journey.

One of the standout tracks, "Wave," embraces R&B and soul influences with a captivating horn melody. Porter's empowering words, "I write my own stories, I tell my truths, this is my wave, I'm welcoming you," deliver a strong message about personal agency. The song emphasizes the importance of focusing on what can be controlled in a world filled with external influences, urging listeners to ride the "Wave" of life.

Another aspect of Marcus Porter's identity comes to the forefront in the track "Coco" featuring K.I.L.O. aka SkitL’z. The song expresses his appreciation for himself with the line "Loving the skin that I'm in," while acknowledging that building confidence and self-acceptance took time. Porter touches on universal experiences of isolation, facing discrimination, and being different, allowing listeners to connect with his journey of triumph over adversity.

The album concludes with the thought-provoking track "Legacy," where Porter openly questions the mark he will leave behind. Encouraging listeners to reflect on their own lives, he prompts them to evaluate what they will be remembered for. "Legacy" inspires individuals to make conscious choices aligned with their values, knowing that the impact they leave on the world can be everlasting.

Now, let's delve deeply into some of the tracks that stand out on the album:

Born Black

"Born Black" resonates deeply with its passionate delivery. Marcus Porter, along with 1neofmani, Jay B Coolin, and The King, tackles the challenges and determination needed for success in a country not entirely set up for black individuals to thrive. The track features relentless bars, memorable melodies, and an emotional intensity that is hard to ignore.

Glow (Ft. Juciee Monroe)

"Glow" exudes ambition and empowerment. With a flashy and grandiose instrumental, Marcus Porter's infectious hook and dynamic verse, along with Juciee Monroe's bold contribution, inspire listeners to reach for greatness and stand tall in pursuit of their dreams.

Soup For The Soul

"Soup For The Soul" combines a gentle yet bouncy beat with an extremely catchy hook and elaborate flows. Marcus imparts wisdom-filled lyrics that motivate dreamers and hustlers alike to strive for greatness. This track stands out for its unique ingredients that make it a soul-nourishing experience.


In "Wave," Marcus Porter celebrates creativity and individuality. The horn-driven instrumental adds to the song's infectious energy, and Porter's pride in staying true to himself is palpable. The track serves as a refreshing reminder to up-and-coming artists about the importance of authenticity.

The Wait

"The Wait" is an anthem that highlights Marcus Porter's authenticity. Expressing his commitment to pursuing his dreams in his own way, the track showcases his genuine artistry. The simplicity of the production, coupled with Marcus's switch in flow, creates a captivating experience that resonates deeply.

The song-by-song breakdown highlights the consistency of the album, with several tracks receiving praise for their powerful messages and emotive delivery. Overall, 'The Perception' is a fresh and introspective take on hip-hop, showcasing Marcus Porter's talent as both an artist and a storyteller. It invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, leaving a lasting impression that echoes long after the final track.

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