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Kanye West' Tragedy: A timeline of the rapper's downfall

Making people upset was Kanye West's hobby, he has never been scared to go against the wave, but his last shots against Jewish have been too much to tolerate.

At the start of October 20022, he was a billionaire businessman and rapper and he was the front of many worldwide brands. Two months later, his wealth and resources evaporated.

3 October 2022- Paris Fashion Week

It all started with a T-shirt Ye wore in Paris. During his Yeezy SZN 9 show, Kanye West wears a t-shirt with a White Lives Matter slogan on it.

Anti-racism activists saw it as hate speech ridiculing the famous Black Lives Matter movement.

Days later, a picture of Ye with conservative broadcaster Candace Owens, wearing a similar shirt, goes viral.

7 October 2022- Instagram Lockout

Kanye gets engaged in cash with the rapper Diddy, who shared a video criticizing Ye's White Lives Matter shirt.

In an Instagram post, Kanye West attacked Diddy and accused him of being controlled by Jews.

Kanye was accused of antisemitism, and his account was suspended. Adidas then stated it was reviewing its deal with Kanye.

Meanwhile, Kanye's Instagram appeared to be active but with no media on it.

10 October - 48 hours on Twitter

Ye - who hasn't been active on Twitter for nearly two years - yields back to Musk's platform aiming Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.

He then publishes a tweet that was sent to Jewish people.

Twitter follows Instagram's lead and banned his account.

11 October - Tucker Carlson interview

Website Vice gets unventilated footage from an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

It tells the clips from the interview showing Kanye West making different antisemitic shares and recounting myths and stereotypes about Jewish people.

Kanye is known for having bipolar illness years ago and has publicly talked about his struggle with his mental health.

But at the time of this interview being removed, people stated that mental health issues are not excuses for his antisemitism.

Late October - Major Companies Cut Ties with Ye

Late October was a bad period for Kanye West since big brands begin to report they no longer collaborating with him.

Adidas comes under growing pressure to cut ties with the rapper after the popular Fashion house Balenciaga and talent scouts Creative Artists Agency follow JP Morgan bank and clothing shop Gap attacked the rapper.

25 October - The End of an Era

Adidas reveals its cutting partnership with Kanye. The end of Adida's contract with Kanye means the brand will make a net loss of £217m in 2022.

But it's a greater loss for the rapper, who was expecting to make $1.5bn from his partnership with the sportswear company.

US money magazine Forbes says ''Kanye West is no longer a billionaire and stated that his new net worth at $400m.

December - Media-war

Kanye appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones's podcast.

He wore a face-hiding mask throughout the whole podcast, honors the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and yelled about the devil, sin, and pornography.


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