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J. Irja, the Multicultural Female Emcee, Drops Her Latest Single 'Go Time'"

The Canadian born, MidWest-raised Finnish Female Emcee living in Dallas TX. J. Irja has released a new Song ''Go Time''

Go Time is giving a fresh pop-rap vibe & brings us a whole new side to. The usually deep, dark & gritty rap

Powerhouse harnesses her Feminine side and embraces her inner Barbie for a fun, vibrant summer hit.

A whole new personality emerging for one of our favorite female rappers? Maybe, just maybe, this could be the move she needed to make to bridge from the underground into Top 40. Either way, we love seeing this growth and can’t wait for more.

J. Irja is a powerhouse of Raw Talent mixed with Relentless Perseverance. Make sure you check out the video that she directed & executive produced herself.

You can find J. Irja in:


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