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How to Make Money Selling Beats Online.

Do you know you can make money making and selling your Hip-Hop beats and instrumentals online? If you are a beatmaker struggling to make earns meet, this article might be exactly what you need. I'm going to reveal to you some trusted websites you can sell your beats on, no matter the genre.

Before considering selling your beats online, you have to make sure the beats you produce are of high quality enough for people to use. Artists and creatives will like to purchase quality instrumentals for their projects and if you can prove yourself trustworthy, you will win a ton of repeat buyers which will mean more money in the bank for you.

The music industry is growing each day meaning the demand for music-related services is on the rise. More people are making music now than ever, and are in need of music producers to work with.

Luckily the internet has made it easier to connect and collaborate with people from all over without meeting them in person. The websites mentioned below have made it possible for beatmakers to work together with artists all over the globe and get paid while at it.

Airbit is your online music creation hub. As a music producer, you can make money selling your Hip-hop beats and instrumentals on this platform. On Airbit, you don’t just make music, you make sounds. Users can create kits, upload them and reach an even bigger audience. You can in addition collaborate with your favorite producers and record the revenue split.

Beatstarts is the number one marketplace to sell your beats and instrumentals. The website has over 2 million creators ready to collaborate with you. More than 1,320,000 digital products have been sold through Beatstarts and over $100,000,000 has been paid out to independent creators globally.


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