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How To Get Your Music Played on Radio

As an artist, you don't want your music to be heard just by your friends and family. To get people to listen to your songs, you'll need to promote your music. However, music promotion costs money, a lot of money! we are talking about thousands of dollars if not more. For an upcoming artist, raising this kind of money might be somewhat difficult.

What if I told you there are ways to get your music promoted on radio without breaking the bank? In this article, I'll be revealing to you how to get your song aired on radio for cheap.

I managed to make a deep search on the web to find some quality opportunities for artists to get radio play. This type of promotion is suitable for all artists regardless of genre. This includes R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Smooth, EDM, Funk, etc.


There are two ways to this process, the first is to try submitting your music to public radio, college radio, internet radio, community radio, and podcasts. In case you need assistance doing this, you can always hire a radio promoter.

The second is to go on a freelance marketplace called Fiverr, and search for the terms "radio play" or "music promotion" after signing up. You'll get a bunch of results displayed on your screen related to music promotion & radio airplay services.

Some of these gigs will have titles like "I will play your song three times on station".

Select the service you are interested in, browse through the offer page, and contact the seller to make sure he/she can meet your needs for your music promotion. After having a chat with the seller, place an order and wait for your song to get air played on the radio station you agreed on.


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