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Drake's Brand Logo on the Front of Barça Jersey against Real Madrid In El Clásico

One of the primary goals behind the partnership between FC Barcelona and Spotify is to bring the music world and football world together to link with unexplored audiences around the globe.

As both - Football and music are capable of getting people together, for the first time in history, the men’s football team will make it to the pitch for Sunday’s Clásico wearing a jersey with the logo of Toronto rapper and singer Drake rather than Spotify- main partner logo.

Instead of the world’s most widespread audio streaming service logo on the front of the Fc Barçalona jersey, those attending the match will notice the silhouette of an owl - Drake's brand logo.

Spotify has offered this privileged area on the jersey as part of the framework of the collaboration with the Club, just one of the actions that Fc Barcelona and Spotify are putting into place to offer creative experiences for football and music fans, as well as enable to gain new audiences through music.

By including the Canadian singer’s brand logo on the front of the Barça jersey, the club and Spotify desire to honor the singer’s milestone of being the first singer to achieve 50 billion streams of his songs on the platform.

“We were really excited to celebrate one of the biggest games of the year and mark Drake’s milestone as the first artist to reach 50 billion streams. We’ve always said that we want this partnership to be a celebration of fans, players and artist’s on a global stage—and there’s no bigger stage than El Clásico.” Marc Hazan, Spotify VP of Partnerships states.


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