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Director X advises Toronto’s new generation of music artists to 'get it together'

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Jan. 6. 2021

Director X out of Toronto, who is mostly known for his many iconic music videos recently went on Instagram Live with Toronto rapper, Top5.

From filming Redman’s ‘I'll Bee Dat!’ (1998) , to Destiny's Child's ‘Bootylicious’ (2001) Elliott, fast-forwarding to Drake’s 'Hotline Bling' (2015). His most recent production for Ariana Grande’s '34+35' (2020) depicts his ability to stay relevant and the success of his 23-year career. Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, he has quite the discography, and more importantly to some, he has made a cultural impact in the visuals of the music industry.

On January 5th, Director X, also referred to as X, spoke to Top5, who has gained recent attention from the media through DJ Akademiks’ Twitch streams. In these streams, he's seen with other Toronto rappers such as Pressa, Chromazz, WhyG, Killy, and many more.

In this specific Instagram Live, X speaks on “calming this shit down”, referencing the traction of the media in Toronto from previously referenced streaming, which in reality is what’s representing the city right now.

(Video sourced from @londonxcanada on Instagram)

Top5 throughout the Live tries to talk Director X into collaborating, but it seems that X has another vision for his hometown. “I’m concerned about your whole generation”, X replies to Top5’s offers in making a music video.

“Imagine if Toronto got this shit together and all y’all can hit road together, the food y’all eat, the experiences y’all have. We’re fucking up the money in the game right now with the beef.” - Director X

X hopes to get through to essentially one of the rappers representing Toronto hip-hop artists in the mainstream media to make a change. Throughout, Top5 states that he’ll go on tour with anyone if X orchestrates it, “But only if you call the shots, so if you want me to go on tour or something, we gotta do that video”.

Right now, Toronto is a hotspot for entertainment with the coverage from American media, specifically DJ Akademiks’ live Twitch streams and the No Jumper Interviews with Chromazz and Pressa. The city is being seen in the mainstream hip-hop world right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s for the better. Some believe that bad publicity is good publicity, but what do the people of Toronto believe?

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Written by Sunshine・@sunshvne


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