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City Fidelia’s latest album may be his most impactful project to date

City Fidelia has spent years shaping his style and building himself a name in the Ottawa rap scene.

City Fidelia was the program director at Ottawa’s 89.1 FM and the co-founder of the professional development program FRMULA. After honing his talent as a rapper with millions of plays across DSPs, he released his ''crème de la crème'' cathartic 15-track album ''PAINKILLER''.

The album delivers a seamless shift from tongue-in-cheek lyrical plays to observational pieces wrapped up in an eclectic combination of sonics.

Analyzing the lyrics shows us that ‘Painkiller’ derived from a process of self-examination, with him using rap as a way of therapy. Questioning profound matters about his life and existence, City Fidelia deals with his early life, break ups, and the feeling of isolation.

Fidelia treks through a range of emotions through coatings of instrumentation from pulsing synths of “If Only You Knew,” to the jazzy pianos of “Can’t Sleep,” ft YNR DaVinci and the catchy chorus of “Liquid Courage,” Ft. Will.

Brimming with echoing percussion and energetic vocals, the shaped frame body of the work bases itself in a nostalgic R&B tone while infusing different other influences and styles.

Speaking of the Painkiller, City Fidelia says, “I explore my inner child and express the different ways my friends and I numbed the pain with topics related to growing up in a broken home, depression, love lost, but also a spiritual experience.”

Painkiller probably going to shift City Fidelia's career, the effort and talents used to make this project is a long-term investment in his journey, he shaped his style and bring us this masterpiece and that process is going to pay him more in the future.

Stream Painkiller above

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