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Based out of Toronto, Canada, Hustle Alumni Incorporated is an independent record label with a distinctive approach. The company specializes in offering marketing and development services from artists who are seeking to enhance their careers and navigate the entertainment industry successfully. Founder and CEO Richard “RICH” Trotman has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, influenced by some of the most successful Black entrepreneurs and music industry moguls out there. He looks forward to working with talented artists with the vision to take their careers to the next level. Richard is doing some extensive digital marketing with social media, streaming, and creating business cards with a QR code reader and barcodes, so that the public can access all music via social media and streaming platforms on the web. The label currently focuses on music as diverse as Rap, R&B, Soul, Caribbean music and Afro-Beat, and more, with plans to expand to other media, such as photography, filmmaking, short stories, books, and other outlets in the entertainment industry. Find out more about Hustle Alumni Incorporated, and feel free to get in touch for further information about this growing record label, marketing, and artist development. For contact them at or visit Linktree


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