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Buggz Captivates Hip-Hop Fans With Single ‘Where You Been’


About The Release

One of the most prominent musical artists from Toronto, Buggz, is quickly set to make a name for himself in the music industry. The talented rapper presents his newest single, “Where You Been.” The hip-hop hit delivers a thundering production with hard-hitting instrumentation, atmospheric vocals, and a message that will resonate with listeners. The emotion-drenched vocal adorns the instrumental that shines and sparkles at every turn with the infectious piano melody. ”Where You Been” will capture anyone from the first note and leave people wanting more. His message-heavy lyricism and wordplay will take listeners on a musical journey that will motivate people worldwide. This is precisely the kind of record that proves there is no doubt Buggz is an artist to keep an eye on as his releases carry emotional and lyrical weight.

Winner of the Best Male Toronto Hip Hop Artist at the 2022 UPN6XT Hip Hop Awards, Buggz demonstrates his versatility as a musician and his innate talent. “Where You Been" is a must-listen-to single as he is set to release more captivating music for years to come. The single will be released on Sep 2nd on all streaming platforms.

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