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Branding: A Guide for Musicians

Branding the Independent Musician

A lot of musicians might be interested to know how to give themselves an overall polished feel as an artist or band. Whether it is sound, merchandise, or perhaps a signature look – this all plays a major role in branding. So, what is a brand? Most people will tell you that a brand is how you recognize a product, company, or person. Perhaps it is a particular set of colors and logo or what you may consider recognizable to you. However, while this is partly true – there is more to becoming a brand.

Logos, names, and colors are important, but they aren’t the only thing that make up your brand. These are components that make up your identity. Think of any major brand or artist. Their colors, logos, how their social media is put together – that defines their physical and visual brand. Because we use these representatives when considering brands, it’s important to dive in to the best ways for branding an independent artist.

Branding the Independent Musician: A Deeper Dive

For those musicians looking to be successful and unique, it truly does come down to the brand. Let’s look at some major artists that are out there as examples.

Let’s look at the artist 6ix9ine. If you are aware of him, the first thing that may come to mind is his rainbow hair and his face covered in ‘69’ tattoos, among others. However, when you think of the rapper’s identity – he is a Brooklyn based rapper in the new era of ‘gangsta rap’. He is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and is also bi-lingual. This allows him to make music in English and Spanish. Additionally, the common content throughout his music continues to define his brand. His branding exists beyond the cartoon images, his logo, and the colors he uses. It’s the whole package.

Now, not every bit of branding has to be to that extreme, but it’s important to focus on the finer details. Social media branding and optimization can really help – but it will only take you so far. Create an identity in addition to a signature look and sound and you will be closer than you were before.

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