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Artists Can Be Dime-a-dozen, But There Is Only One Niqa B.

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Niqa B. Emerging from the elite Toronto music scene in Canada, R&B recording artist, Niqa B, began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2017 after several years of finding her vocal niche. Since then, she has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with her own signature sound and stylization, and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Niqa has been singing as long as she can remember, performing various cover songs for her Facebook and Instagram audience. In 2017, her presence became more known and impactful when she got hired to be one of the hosts for a music event representing a hair brand called Studio Grade, which ended up being the cornerstone for Niqa’s true desire to hone her craft as an artist on a professional level.

Inspired by the iconic 90’s era of music, Niqa’s genre is reminiscent of several superstars from that time period including Monica, Mary J, Xscape, 702, among others. Her style touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving her audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. She’s the type of artist that truly wants to inspire others, the same way they have inspired her.

Now fresh into the industry after making a slew of valuable connections, Niqa B is ready to hit the industry strong, and really show the world that she’s anything but ordinary. Her first promotional track “Sorry” ,released Feb 2018, garnered her some impressive attention as well as positive reception. Her follow up single “Cannot Be” released in July 2018, and her most recent track “I Deserve” released in January 2019. She has many opportunities up her sleeve as her career continues to progress, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Niqa B will be a name you’ll berecognizing very soon.

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