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Artist Review: YungPro

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Emerging from the elite Scarborough music scene, Rap & Hip Hop recording artist YungPro (aka Pro) began hitting the ground running in the music realm during his freshmen year of high school, and quickly manifested into a vital voice for Hip Hop and its continued movement.

Originally hailing from Brampton Southgate, Pro started out his legacy in Hip Hop when he formed the group SouthGateKings (or simply SGK). After years of delving deep into the scene with the group and working with a much larger fan base in Scarborough, Pro decided to branch out by opening the doors with his own label and honing his craft as a solo artist. And since that time has developed into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization; giving his audience a taste of something fresh, yet still identifiable. A way where he can resonate and connect with his fans on both musical and personal levels.

Pro’s biggest influence is late rapper Speaker Knockerz, an artist he has looked up to in today’s new generation of music and Hip Hop culture.

Pro recently dropped his most recent project “MostHatedUnderRated” which is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Pro’s highly anticipated new single “A Lot” is also slated for release very soon, and carries a powerful message as a song about the violence issues in his city, and identifies with every day street life. It’s a track that people can relate to. Pro’s group SGK is also working on new material and is currently in the process of booking tour dates.

His goal is to become a household name with his music, and create songs that others can relate to by listening to what he has been through personally, and carrying that message forward as an inspiration and artistic merit. And with everything that Pro has accomplished and continues to accomplish, he is clearly heading in a direction that is taking him straight to the top. He is a name you will be hearing much more about.

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