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Are Cardi B and Saweetie feuding with each other?

Fans think there may be some issues between Cardi B and Saweetie.

As a Migos return looms, fans think there might be some issues between the two leading ladies supporting Quavo and Offset. Despite Cardi B and Saweetie hanging out on a few different occasions in the past, people are convinced that there's an underlying beef between them, especially after the Super Bowl, which Cardi, Offset, and Quavo watched live from a luxury box in Tampa Bay, while Saweetie seemingly watched on television, despite also being in Tampa for her Saweetie Bowl.

"Where’s my baby, Saweetie? It’s like I can never catch my 2 girls in the same frame," said one fan upon seeing a picture of Cardi B, Offset, and Quavo all together at the Super Bowl. Many have echoed that sentiment, recalling the few times they have been together and making theories about what could be happening between them.

Some people are referencing Cardi's new song "Up", where she spits one of Saweetie's catchphrases, "I know that's right", in a similar cadence. "Im wondering how saweetie feels about cardi using ha catchphrase," wondered one of their fans.

Some reports are claiming that Saweetie was "banned" from Cardi and Offset's luxury box, which also had Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Shaq, Lil Baby, Meek Mill, and other A-list celebrities inside. That much has not been confirmed though, and the reports are coming from MTO News, which is not a reliable source.

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Do you think there are tensions between Saweetie and Cardi B? Or are people just blowing this out of proportion?


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