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Jliu linked up with Fetty Wap to release "We Gon Fight"

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

1.What's the story behind your release, how did it come to be etc.?

Ok so boom! I already liked the roddy rich song slowed down so I asked my brother Thirstpro to make a beat over that for me. I knew I was gonna make it explicit. Lol. I had it ready & even boomed a paid video shoot with rock davis a month before Fetty Wap on the record. I was already going to push it as a single.

2.What was the creative process around your release

Jersey Club music lol. The humping your phone to the song is hilarious. That’s the point of the last part which is jersey club . Yeah I know , I’m smart lol.  

3.What is the meaning and message behind your song?

You ever had a girl upset with you, but not really in a furious way, more sexual? Lol for example , if you say you were coming to see her at a certain time , the time comes and you still aren’t there for sexual purposes. Lol . She’ll call & say “We Gon Fight” lol. The real knows what that means lol.

It’s crazy because the day before I met Fetty wap I made a prank to thirstpro & said Fetty contacted me & said he’ll do a feature for $500 lol . Just to make sure when it’s time to make serious business move , everyone is ready . They were ready . The next day , I swear on god the next day I’m on FaceTime with Fetty wap & a few hours later I’m in the studio with him. Legendary. I screamed in the car listening to the record because I have no idea still how out of all the people in his dm’s , he slipped up & opened my dm’s & the rest is history. We are actually about to shoot the music video very very soon.

4. Tell me a bit more about your journey as an artist?

Stay focused. Don’t take anything personal, and if you find that you do, get over it & get over it fast! You have a plan, stick to it. As cliché as this sounds . I swear if my “dirty Haitian ass” can do it (that’s what the yankees say in jersey) , you definitely can to. Especially if you have just a few needed resources around you. Do good man just do good by your people & you’ll be blessed for it. That’s just how the universe works. Watch what you say. The tongue is very powerful. Money is just a tool , it’s not everything. Family is everything. Fame does not last but longevity does. It’s your world, make something great out of it. Be fearless. Except when you are wrong or when you can’t control something. If you have kids , take care of your kids , lol . You’ll be fine artists I promise & don’t be afraid to ask for help , close mouths don’t get fed. Period. Say something. Be polite ,treat it as if it’s your job you were at the last 2 3 maybe more years , professional. So much I can say but follow just these you’ll be okay you will be the artist you dream of.

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