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Interview with Heartbreak Wulf: Breaking Boundaries and Crafting a Sonic Legacy

Welcome to UpN6xt Interviews! Today, we're diving deep into the captivating world of Heartbreak Wulf.

Renowned for defying musical conventions, Heartbreak Wulf stands as a glitch in the rap matrix, reshaping the very fabric of the genre. Influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, and Yung God, their journey into rap was ignited during late-night conversations with childhood friend Cabvno, evolving into a manifestation of dreams turned reality. The genesis of the name "Heartbreak Wulf" intertwines teenage heartbreak, admiration for Xavier Wulf, and a resilient spirit, encapsulating both vulnerability and strength. Drawing inspiration from a diverse palette of artists like Spaceghostpurrp, Xxxtentacion, and Playboi Carti, Heartbreak Wulf's versatile style defies categorization. As a freestyle virtuoso, they channel raw emotion and creativity seamlessly, crafting an authentic sonic identity. In this exclusive UpN6xt interview, we explore Heartbreak Wulf's freestyle evolution, challenges faced in the dynamic hip-hop landscape, and their unwavering authenticity as a soldier of God in the realm of spiritual warfare. And now, let's dive into the interview with our artist, Heartbreak Wulf.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in hip-hop and become a rapper?

I wouldn't call my music hip-hip. The music I make is rap but it's rap on a different level. I'm like a glitch in the matrix Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, and Yung God was who made me want to rap I used to talk on the phone with my bro Cabvno who you probably know from YouTube. I met him when I had moved to a new city when I was 11 and we became like best friends, type shi. We would talk on the phone about what we wanna do as far as music and content creation, stuff like that. And it just manifested into reality. Both of us started our YouTube channels during our freshman year of high school. I had a different channel at the time where I was making fan made music videos, AMVs, and mixes. I did that all the way until it got terminated in 2019 for copyright.

I had like over 10k subscribers and millions of views. It got to a point I actually went to college to study film initially to start taking it super seriously because people were reaching out for promo and edits.

Cabvno made his YouTube channel and started uploading trap mixes and other types of music. His channel went viral and he had over 100k subscribers when we was just teenagers. Then it just so happens one of his trap mixes that went viral and now has over 2 million views..has one of my songs on it that I made when I was 17. The mix is called “TRAPPIN IN MIAMI 2”. After my channel was terminated, I started my channel I just recently lost at 20k subs.

2. Can you share the story behind your stage name and how it represents your identity as an artist?

I think I was either 16 turning 17 or I had just recently turned 17 years old when I had come up with the name. There's no real deep story behind it. I just know how it feels to be heartbroken. It's not just a negative thing. there's pain in reward. it's relatable. and it just sounded good to me. Xavier Wulf was a big inspiration for me in high school and wolves are my favorite animal. So I got “Wulf” from him and spelled it the same to show my respect.

3. How would you describe your unique style and approach to creating music within the hip-hop genre?

I’m so versatile so I wouldn’t even know how to describe my style honesty. I rap on any type beat. I’m with whatever.

"Dangerous" was directed and edited by the artist himself, this cinematic experience is a testament to Heartbreak Wulf's creative prowess. A collaborative effort, the filming process was enriched by the contributions of Heartbreak Wulf's wife and friend Cruz, adding a personal touch to the visual masterpiece.
4. Are there specific artists or influences that have had a significant impact on your musical journey?

Spaceghostpurrp, Xxxtentacion, Bones, Night Lovell, Sybyr, Xavier Wulf, Bladee, Playboi Carti

5. What message or theme do you aim to convey through your lyrics, and how has it evolved over time?

I got fun music to get lit to I got music to just chill and get high to And I got music for those going through things

6. Can you take us through your creative process when writing and producing a new track?

I don't write my music. I've been freestyling all my songs ever since I stopped using Audacity and started using FL Studio. My music immediately became way better after that because It forced me to become more creative and sound more raw. So now I just say whatever is on my mind.

7. In the rapidly changing landscape of hip-hop, how do you stay authentic to your sound while also experimenting with new elements?

I evolve. That’s what we’re here to do as a human race. Evolve

8. How do you see your role as a rapper in addressing social issues or conveying messages of empowerment through your music?

I’m just doing me. I don’t see it as like me filling in a gap or anything like that. I’m a soldier of God on a mission who just so happens to also have the skills and freedom to vent in a song and actually make a GOOD one.

9. Collaboration is a significant aspect of the music industry. Can you share your experiences working with other artists and producers, and how it has influenced your work?

Underground artists be acting hella weird nowadays. It’s all about clout. Nobody wanna just genuinely make good music anymore. That’s why I don’t collaborate much. If the opportunity presents itself though, I know I would make some crazy music with guys like Spaceghostpurrp, Yung God, Glokk40spazz, Izaya Tiji, 1of1soldier, Xavier Wulf, slimggp, lifelessgarments, Iayze, Osamason, Destroy Lonely

10. What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have you overcome them to continue growing as an artist?

I just lost my 20k subscriber youtube channel in december for false claims made by YouTube. I had over 450+ videos on there of me exposing the devil’s system. This wicked world that we live in. As soon as I started to touch on certain topics, that’s when YouTube took it down. I had a bunch of music on there too with a music video I made with my bro, OC from Chicago. That was my biggest music video with over 3000 views and now it’s nowhere on Youtube. I don’t just rap bro. I’m a soldier of God. It's spiritual warfare out here. There was a couple video editors who made AMV’s for me years ago and removed em from YouTube. No weapon formed against me shall prosper though. I always come back stronger. I have proven that.

11. In the age of digital media and streaming, how do you navigate the business side of the music industry and connect with your fan base?

I do everything organically. I just drop a song on Soundcloud and push my music through my connections and social media.

12. Can you tease any upcoming projects or collaborations that your fans can look forward to in the near future?

I got a whole new swag I’m coming with in my next project. I know Imma turn some heads with this one. That’s all I can say.

Connect with Heartbreak Wulf on the Digital Wave – Follow the Vibe Across Platforms:

Instagram: @damonmasonii/

Soundcloud: @heartbreakwulf

Twitter: @damonsonii


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