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Bobby Shmurda may have finally found his knicks cap after 7 years

Bobby Shmurda finds his New York Knicks cap after tossing it into the galaxy seven years ago.

New York rapper Bobby Shmurda has been keeping his fans updated ever since he was released from prison this year, marking a celebratory moment in the hip-hop world. Heralded as a real one for taking extra time on his own sentence to have Rowdy Rebel's sentence lightened, Bobby's return home has been sweet for supporters of the GS9 crew to keep track of.

Known for his hit songs "Hot N***a" and "Bobby B*tch", Bobby Shmurda is arguably most famous for the viral music video that accompanied the former record. The low-budget video, which was filmed in the streets of New York City, features one famous scene where Bobby tosses his New York Knicks cap up in the air, never catching it before it disappears from the frame altogether. For the entire length of his sentence, Bobby's fans have joked about the whereabouts of the hat, and finally, it has made a return.

Likely a little dustier seven years later, Bobby is back with his classic Knicks cap, showing it off on Instagram Live. "They don't wanna see that! The hat is back," exclaimed the rapper's friends as he walked out with it. "They know where we from," yelled Bobby repeatedly in the video.

After so many jokes were made at the hat's expense, it's nice to see that, 1. Bobby still owns the hat and, 2. it's still in pretty good condition!

How much do you think this hat would go for if he ever sold it?


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