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If you are currently going through some traumatic experiences, you are not alone in the struggle. Although there are no recent stats about trauma prevalence in Canada, the Canadian Psychological Association provides an insight into the prevalence of trauma in the country. Quoting the 2008 research by Ameringen, Mancini, and Boyle, the association wrote: “It is estimated that 76% of Canadians report having experienced a traumatic event during their lifetime.” The result of the old research shows that a significant percentage of Canadians will experience a traumatic event before their death.Your experience may trigger recurring anxiety, sadness, loss of interest, worry, and loss of concentration. Such experience, if left untreated, can trigger bouts of psychological and physical issues that may have a lasting impact on your relationships and life. The good news is that going through a traumatic experience isn’t the death penalty. With the right attitude to life, mindset change, engaging in some everyday activities and habits, and the proper support from friends, family, and support groups, you can turn the situation around.This book’s aim is to help you and other individuals struggling with traumatic situations to overcome your challenges and gradually work your way back to recovery.Among other things, the book will teach you: • How to identify traumatic grief. • Causes of trauma.• Types of trauma. • How to cope with the loss of a loved one. • Practical ways to overcome the impact of living in crime-infested areas. • Techniques to help you deal with mental health challenges. As you read through the book, identify practical tips you can relate to and incorporate them into your daily. Implement the coping strategies the book highlights as you begin the journey towardsrecovery from the damaging effect of going through a traumatic experience.

Therapy For The Streets

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