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UPN6XT Collective Releases Its First Diverse & Powerful Hip-Hop Compilation ‘Rise of The Underground


UPN6XT release their latest powerful, uplifting, and diverse hip-hop compilation ‘Rise of The Underground Vol 1’ featuring the next generation of artists. The seven-track LP contains infectious beats, catchy melodic elements, and diverse talent that will leave people hooked. UPN6XT are showcasing their authenticity in creating rhythms and penning down lyrics as a collective.

From Kaiju’s motivating “Chameleons” to Joey Brick’s message-heavy “Drama,” UPN6XT delivers genre versatility and hip-hop fans will find something for their taste. The first volume of The Underground features talented artists such as 24BG, Kaiju, Lil Grayski, YBAFrmDaJane, Hayden Raine, Fayz, and Joey Brick. The LP can impact the listener as it will grasp them with each track's unique sounds, styles, and flavors. ‘Rise of The Underground Vol 1’ will take the listeners into a musical trance as the next generation of hip-hop artists take reign. The compilation is now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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